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rubber floor plugs


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I found some posts on floor plugs but can't seem to find parts ### for them. I didn't see them in the MSA catalog either. I was actually amazed on how little info there was on those boogers.

So anyone got some part#####'s

thanks in advance

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Just a heads up, my 73 has 6 holes in the floor and 2 in the spare tire well that measure about 1 inch in diameter, 4 larger holes in the floor about 1 3/4 inches in diameter, then the 2 that are in the hatch that are 1 1/4 inches in diameter. Most that I have seen for sale fail to mention the diameter, just say floor plugs or hatch plugs. I have not seen any for the 1 inch holes, yet, still looking.

Bonzi Lon

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I called MSA about these plugs a while back. They told me that they can get them for me, but I need to measure the holes and provide them with the mesaurements. I guess the number of holes and sizes can vary.

I don't recall the exact price they told me, but I recall it being pretty reasonable.

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i've also been looking for alternatives for these plugs. I needed to replace all the plugs on the floor and a couple to cover up the holes on the firewall after i removed my air conditioning. after some searching, i found this...


it looks like it might work, but i'm not sure since i didn't order any yet. i plan on getting some, but i might not get to it anytime soon. if anyone decides to give these a try, please make a post to let us know if these work good. thanks

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Thanks Matt,

but is there an advantage to using these over the stock rubber plugs? Are they readily available? Plus there is the problem of the different size holes .

You are welcome.

1) Advantage...? I had them in-hand.

2) If you are near a PNP, they are available, probably REAL cheap.

3) Won't work on holes smaller or larger than the floorpan holes. I have yet to find a good plug for where the removed AC lines went through the firewall. I might just have to tack on a plate there.

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Maybe this will help. This was quoted for a '72. I'm getting ready to order plugs from MSA......here is what they quoted me yesterday. They offer 4 different sizes:

43.0mm Item [email protected] 10.33 each (largest spare tire area)

32.0mm Item [email protected] 00.93 each

25.4mm Item [email protected] 2.42 each (Floor Pan Plug 1")

25.0mm Item [email protected] 2.27 each

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