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  1. if you don't mind me asking, how much is william charging for the paint job? and how much body/prep work is going to be done? i'm looking for a shop in the bay area to paint my z. thanks
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    my experience with fatmat was the same, just horrible. i had to cancel through my credit card after weeks of zero responce. after cancellation, i get an email explaining that their systems were down. i would definetely recommend going with another company to save yourself some fustration.
  3. i've also been looking for alternatives for these plugs. I needed to replace all the plugs on the floor and a couple to cover up the holes on the firewall after i removed my air conditioning. after some searching, i found this... http://store.nutsandbolts.com/sheet-metal-hole-plugs.html it looks like it might work, but i'm not sure since i didn't order any yet. i plan on getting some, but i might not get to it anytime soon. if anyone decides to give these a try, please make a post to let us know if these work good. thanks
  4. any updates on how the repairs are holding up? i'm thinking about do this to my dash. thanks Simon
  5. i just bought a 83 zxt to swap into my 240z, but i want to get it running good before i do the swap. I just bought the car, so i don't know much about the past work done on it and problems with the car. The owner actually said the car ran perfectly fine one week ago, and only started doing this after a potential buyer went to look at the car while he was gone and was able to pop the hood and look around since the car wasn't locked. The car starts and runs smooth and good at idle, but when the car is cold, it'll backfire sputter when revved. before it warms up, the rpms won't go past 1500rpm or
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