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Difference in Transmissions

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I was wondering if there is a huge difference between the 1979 to 1982 5 speed transmissions and the 1983 ones. I understand that in 1983 Borg-Warner built the Z transmissions. Has anyone had trouble finding parts or having reliability issues with a certain year of 5 speed?

Thanks for any insight you can provide.


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The T-5 Borg Warner that came with the Turbo's is a stout piece. The biggest downfall of it compared to the earlier Z transmissions is in the shifting action. It will never shift as smoothly as the Z transmission. It might be better with an aftermarket shifter, but it will still not be as precise or smooth as the earlier Z transmissions without modifications.

The T-5 was used for years here in the states behind V-8's in Camaro's and Mustangs so it should hold up to as much power as you could build in an L-6, Turbo or otherwise.

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