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  1. I found this Roadster on eBay and noticed that the seller says the engine is a Nissan Z engine. It has a crossflow head, One Carb, and 2 plugs per cylinder. Could this be a NAPS-Z engine?? Ebay Roadster-4 Cylinder-8 Plug
  2. Okay Guys, This isn't a Help Me type deal but I thought you might think this was interesting. Show Car for 12000
  3. Has anyone had any experience using this fuel rail??? Fuel Rail
  4. I have a 1981 280 ZX which has fuel injection. I know that this forum is used by mostly 240-280Z owners and that the ZX's are the black sheep of the Z family. However if anyone can look past the addition of the extra consenant (X) and comment on my question, it would be greatly appreciated. My car has an automatic transmission, so great gas mileage is not to be expected aka. 3500rpms @ 60mph. I was wondering if there is anything that I can replace or clean out in the fuel injection side of things that could help my fuel economy out. I was also thinking about trying to find a 5-speed to replac
  5. I was wondering if there is a huge difference between the 1979 to 1982 5 speed transmissions and the 1983 ones. I understand that in 1983 Borg-Warner built the Z transmissions. Has anyone had trouble finding parts or having reliability issues with a certain year of 5 speed? Thanks for any insight you can provide. Nerdo
  6. I know that one can customize any seat to fit in his or her Z, but I was wondering if all of you that have could list the cars that you "borrowed" seats from. Just to give ideas to others as to the seats that were fairly easy to install, or the ones that you had to spend a month customizing brackets for. Thanks! Ryan
  7. I own a 1981 280ZX, Fuel Injected, Datsun. I was cleaning out the engine compartment and checking connections, when I found a about 6 to 7 inch diameter canister directly behind the passenger side headlight with several rubber hoses attached to it. Looking inside my mechanic's manual I discovered that it is a carbon filter, that is supposed to prevent vapor lock by trapping hydrocarbons in it. I have never seen a filter or canister like this on any other vehicle. Does anyone know if I can remove it and will it affect engine performance or relability? It also has yellow filter at the bottom of
  8. You might check out these websites: http://members.optushome.com.au/charleswilliams/ http://infinitemotorsports.net/JDM%20Swaps.0.html http://www.jspecauto.com/ http://www.nissmo.com/main Let me know how it goes and if you choose the RB26, RB25 or the SR20. Good Luck!
  9. Thanks for the clarification.
  10. Please explain what a sump is?
  11. I have just joined your Z-Club and would like to thank you all for the wealth of information that this club has already provided me. A couple of weeks ago I found a post that showed a picture of a carborated Skyline motor in an older 240-280Z. I was wondering if anyone had anymore information about this type of swap. A Couple of questions: Would the steering line up as the Skyline is right-hand drive in Japan? Why put carbs on something that could potentially use twin-turbos and fuel injection and be twice as fast? Since most Skylines are 4WD, how would one hook that into a 280Z? Or can a di
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