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As long as this thread has been dredged up again. I eliminated the evap tank about 4 years ago and have had zero fumes from gasoline in the cabin and or any trouble filling the tank. All is working vary well. I was having some fumes , exhaust , but have since found that when I extended the tail pipe another 3/4'' out from the bumper all seems well. There was mentioned of a Copper 180 bend being fabricated to do away with the need for the spendy formed hose. This was/is made with 1/2'' copper pipe fittings , not 1/4''. Big difference. This part only handles fumes for the most part and is connected at both ends with rubber hose. One to the tank the other to the vent line. No stress on the fitting at all. The small vent line that exits the tank above the sending unit connects to the line that goes to the front of the car on the driver side. just like stock. It provides all the air needed to replace the volume of fuel used by the engine, plus with it connected to the air cleaner it also takes care of fumes exiting the tank when parked. The major problem that I can find with copper used with gasoline or diesel, this is through reading not personal use, is because of vibration when used as fuel line . Like 1/4'' in size. The property of copper bending and flexing it will fail in relatively short order and crack or split. The 1/2'' size mounted in a flexible hose at each end there is no flexing or stress involved. Copper is used for household heating with diesel/heating oil, all the time, and has been for many years. My previous home was heated with this and the copper,3/8'', was installed in 1926. Gary

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