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Paint Rims?


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What Eastwood is selling is a color match paint to the original style of paint in the 70's, 80's etc. It is a satin silver with high silver content. Very pretty and very specific to those years. Same thing with the black, if you aren't looking for a specific color MATCH, and that is the key word, then you can use any paint you want.

The problem with most of the ~other~ paints is how durable they are in a given environment.

Wheels are notorious for getting a lot of grime on them as well as brake dust. Both of which are notorious for causing problems with paint. Also don't forget that although they don't get as hot as an engine manifold or the like they do get hot, so keep that in mind when you get your paint.

As with all paint jobs, make sure you prep the wheels right and you should be fine.

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The fastest, and maybe the most complete way would be to have your rims sandblasted to remove the rust. It may also be the most economical - if you consider your time to do things by hand.

If you need/want to do this by hand, consider using a wire wheel on a drill motor. But remember to wear safety goggles, a dust mask and gloves!

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From the original post, and the specific mention of rust, I presume you are talking about the Steel Rims that were original to the car.

That being the case, Rick has it exactly right.

Sandblast both sides, then my preference is to use an epoxy primer. Simply due to the ease of adhesion, and the fact that you can get the self etching, and in most cases I am familiar with, you also get the benefit of not having to scuff / sand before topcoating as long as you do it within a certain time frame. Then apply your choice of paint, whether enamel or lacquer.

Personally I prefer the enamel. You're not going for a candy apple finish on your wheels, (and if you are, then we must shift gears completely), you're going for color and protection from further rust. Enamel is a little bit more friendly in a harsh environment than lacquer. Lacquer can chip very readily and once chipped tends to continue flaking at that spot unless repaired.

As far as wire brushing, I would first strip whatever paint you can from the wheel with paint stripper. Then neutralize that stuff, and THEN wire brush what you have left. Then primer, followed by paint.

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There is one thing that should be done before anything. Take the tire off the wheel. You will want to paint over the bead lip into the inside of the wheel.

If you dont. Your wheels will look good for A few weeks( if your lucky) Then they will start getting chips around that lip. Think of your paint as A cover. If that cover is just put on outside there will be A line where dirt and water can work under it. Now if that cover is under the tire bead it has A true seal. Atleast till you rub A curb.:finger:

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Yeah, sandblasting is definitely the way to prep them. But after you have that done, don't dilly-dally around. Prime them rather quickly. Those wheels will rust quickly after being sandblasted.

I'd also suggest the epoxy primer route. But what type and brand of paint you decide on is pretty much up to you. For simplicity sake, I would consider a hardware store Rustoleum product or something found on the shelves at your favorite auto parts retailier. That way, you can quickly find more paint when "touch up time" arrives.

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