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Hi All!!!


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I recently purchased my first Z! Its a 75 280Z 2+2 body. I'll try to post a picture of it in just a bit. Well I've always been a honda guy so this is a change for me. I am planning to do mainly restorative work on the car. Just little things here and there and then using it as a daily driver. Hope I'll get to know a lot of you guys!

<a  href=http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/6414/img0380hi5.jpg' alt='img0380hi5.jpg'>

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Hello ValleyZ,

Watch that rear hatch gasket for fumes. As your z rolls down the road air/fumes, etc. tumble behind it and amazingly work their way back to you. Also watch the pipe of as well. Anyway, you're right. Most all of us have fought that at some point during z ownership. You'll fix it, then you can tell us where it was and we'll learn from you.

72' 240

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The search function on the site will guide you to all the answers you just asked, but here is a different option-


This site has many FSM's for a wide variety of vehicles, including yours. You will need to check the afforementioned site for availability of the manual, because they rotate manuals, but it is a great resource to have on your computer.

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