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Should I buy?


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Good Buy?


So here's the deal

It's a 1973 240z with ironically 240,000 miles on it

Its got a little quarter sized rust on the bottom of the drivers side door and underneath the rear hatch but the entire frame is rust free

Engine had a complete rebuild 5,000 miles ago and a rebuilt 5 speed replaced the four speed two years ago

Replacing the current carbs with rebuilt 72's

It needs a new rear end soon that sounds way worse becuase of the current carbs that are on and off switches, made the car feel really sloppy, but I also dont have a lot of experience the car and maybe one of the things you get used to.

has 2 cracks in the dash and 1 by the emergency brake and drivers seat is shredded but other than that interior is great with new speakers and a cd player built nicely inside the glovebox

paint is still decent some emblems are starting to come off but that's an easy fix. No dents at all with a few minor scratches. The front window will need new weather stripping with a small leaking condition it has at the time. The dor windows need new felt there always rattling around and could the letting water pool down inside the door

Still has every orginal part and is all mine if I buy and can hook me up with more parts for free or dirt cheap

I got him down to 4,500 from 5,000 and he will replace the rear end

So what do you guys think? This car is pretty good shape and are few and far between. Just want to make sure I'm not shooting myself in the foot or something.

Should I jump on it?

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In the overall pic it sounds like a ok deal just about everything you brought up is something you can replace.

I think with a car that is as old as that one the rust is a bigger issue and being up where is seems to rain 364.5 days of the year would have me looking all over the car for rust.

Now if you has some pic's to show us there are ppl on this board that know a lot more than I. And there are more than a few members in your area.

Lastly welcome to Classic Z cars...now post some pic's of your 240


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As long as there is no major rust spots or cancer, then get it. Everything can be fixed on these cars.

A dash cover is $100

Emblems are cheap

Weather stripping can be cheap unless you go ahead and replace all of it

Seat can be reupholstered for little also

Though some pictures would be a little more help full. But I would check that car up and down like crazy for rust. When I got my Z car, I had my brother look that car up and down for rust, and he only found a little surface rust here and there. But once I purchased the car and started working on it, I found a bit more rust that needs taking care of before it gets any worse. Still not much rust was found, but this rust will eat the entire car if I don't get it fixed.

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Depending on what you want in the end, you could factor in another 2K on up for rust repairs over the next couple years, etc... Price seems fair (IMHO) if it is as represented.

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Thanks for the input guys!

If I do make an offer it's going to be tommorow. Hopefully it is accepted becuase I really want to get this car. The guy that owns this is a mechanic so its been taken good care of and he is an honest guy. He went through the whole car a didn't find any rust accept for what he mentioned. One of his buddies already has the the plates ready to be spot welded into place on the door. He said he would throw in some repairs (swap rebuilt carbs, replace rear end, and put new steering rods in) if I bought the car. This guy has a whole shipping crate just full of Datsun parts that he said he would give or sell relly cheaply.

I have this feeling that this car is going to suck me dry of all my money but I am oddly comfortable with it. So hopefully I'll be able to give you guys some good news tommorow but I wont be able to put any pics up for a week most likely. Thanks again!

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I have this feeling that this car is going to suck me dry of all my money but I am oddly comfortable with it.

You say that now. LOL I am around $9,000 into my car and that does not factor the purchase price.

$3500 for brakes, suspension, tranny, differential, general clean up, some interior parts, etc.

$5500 for my engine build

Next year I am sinking another $4000 for body and paint work.

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I'm late into this thread, Graham, but there's lots of knowledgable Z people here in Oregon. Many of us would be happy to look at the car with you once we find some time, but it sounds like you might buy it sooner than that.

Have you talked to the guys at ZTherapy there in Salem about it? Good chance that Bruce and/or Steve may know either the car or seller, and might be able to give you a good independent assessment of it.

Anyway, there are lots of resources here in Oregon. Don't be afraid to contact us.

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I bought the Z and I'll be picking it up around saturday. I'll make sure I get some pics up for you guys. So excited, I've wanted this car since

i was 10 years old, dream come true!

Same story here. Feels good huh? Talk nice to her or she'll break down and sap your wallet. She knows when you bad mouth her so be nice. :) Welcome to the board and the club. Let us know if we can be of help in any way.

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