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Datsun Scarab Info


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Mike & Mike:

Thanks for the additional info. I went to the Silver Auctions site and the car is not listed as a Scarab there. However, looking very closely at the photo on the site... I "think" I might see the gold of a Scarab "bug" on the sail panel and the louvers on the hood and inspection covers. If it Is a real factory Scarab it should have a Scarab VIN plate on the drivers door jamb below the Nissan plate. This will have the Scarab VIN # and build date. That and about a half dozen other "factory only" mods would confirm it is a "factory" Scarab. For those who are interested, only 17 known factory Scarabs have been accounted for ... real Scarabs are $ 20,000 + classics. FYI-- the Minnesota car -- nice as it is -- is a kit car made from the kits sold by Scarab Enginnering in the late 70's. They sold more than 1,000 kits. I've authenticated several factory Scarabs prior to sale... if anyone knows the owner of the car on Silver Auctions, please put him in touch ..

Thanks Scarab # 155

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The factory cars where expensive $8-12k, road and track did an article on them. check my age. my be loved 350turbo/350 chevy powered - whaletailed, air dam with the hood scopes - with full shocks, and aluminum derim busings.

the keys where the speedo and the resistor needed to convert the ignition. i bought my 1973 built by dragracer not factory kit.

i fixed the problem with a resistor never did get the speedo too work but i did doo the kit from scarab, suspension and body parts. springs lowered it an 1"

the factory engine fit more forward check R&T around 1976-77 i guess.

i had it painted metallic silver and sold if for $3500 not bad, a 427 vett could be had for $4500 or fully restored R&T 440 magnum charger for same. Or my body who still has his 350 or 327 or 305 powered converible late 60's camero - ugly green pea soup.

My car had side pipes and ratchet shifter - you got it - i want it back. I was telling my son about the manual stearing spin so fast it would sprang my thumbs!

Or when we took, 3 of us, rotation in the back to the play club in lake geneve from lisle il - i got tossed for pulling a bunnies tail.

Wife wanted me too sell at marriage and moving down town Chicago, i had RX-7, 1986.5 supra, eagle talon turbo awd and 1994 twin turbo stealth but i miss that car. I think my stage 1 colbalt ss will take it easy but still - all those donuts and smoke!

The wheel wells were completely coated with rubber!

I kept it in the bat garage - i sounded like a beast, rumble rumble of the open side pipes. freaked out a lot of novas and vettes in the late 70's! The 73 was a great year for the base car.

One mistake is we put a 350 truck engine in it not a car but that just made the smoke thicker!

The B&M ratchet was a blast click click click click click click to 1st - the 2 more clicks to 3rd.

What a beast! clean interior, i has some rust - that 70's jap steel was full of sulfer - i patched it fiberglass and roofing tar - only wheel wells and small areas lower. rest clean.

If it still exists it had a few fish eyes - round circles in my $500 paint job! who cares it was a beast.

ya the car and my 10' python had to go, burmese, should have known. those good year 70's vs my 210 SS, 280hp and 320 torque, about the same weight car. Tires, 18" 40's -LOL! i smoke the SS threw 2nd into 3rd. 95g breaking - G-force gauge.

you find you email me! i want it back!

hopefully the 15" 70's are gone!

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What a bad post at 4 am, basically i like my car back - it was sold in lisle il around 1985. I have not seen any like it since most scarbs do not have the whale tail from the factory just a small lip rear. The sidepipes made the car really stand out dual exhust on the side had sweet loud but not too loud drag car sound.

If anyone knows of this 1973, B&M shifter, metallic silver car - i am looking to buy it back!

Scarab sourced body parts, complete suspension kit konis, springs and bushing parts, but rough looking engine mounts - homemade. Car ran great - did not need the money had no where to store it as my mom wanted her garage back after it being there for almost 9 years.

thx russ


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What a bad post at 4 am, basically i like my car back - it was sold in lisle il around 1985.
I got the general gist of your post. I was just being facetious. It was also a tough read at 5 am, however.:) Good luck in your search. I've been looking for a Z pretty much ever since I sold the last one I owned.
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I saw that car in the junkyard years ago. I think a young guy bought it fixed it up

and raced Porsche's down I 94 between Chicago and Detroit at high speeds.

He goes to the junkyard because his mechanic friend tells him he saw the scrapped body of a metallic silver Nissan Z just When he sees the scrapped body of a metallic silver Z in the junkyard, he remembers seeing this car a few years ago with a nice girl in the passenger seat. Intrigued as to why such a classic Japanese performance vehicle is about to be junked, he convinces the junkyard owner to sell it to him. The junkyard owner was told by the previous owner to scrap the car because it is cursed. He soon finds that the car is unnaturally fast due to a tuned V8 engine and B&M shifter.

I think the owners name is Akio Asakura hope this helps.



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