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  1. Just ran across this thread. I'm David and sold the car to Rolf. I do miss the car but at the same time you move forward. The last owner contacted me about 6 months ago wanting to by the car back. Funny I tried to sell it back to him before I listed it for sale. Currently I am building another V-8 car, a full on project. 1972 with a 383 stroker. It will most likely be for sale as soon as it is completed and tuned. Here are a few pictures of where I am right now with the car (will have G-nose) NOS items: tail lights, front turn signal lenses, door panels, G-nose head light covers. LSD, coil overs, sumped fuel tank, on and on. Well cant post pics will try later. David
  2. dsommer

    Datsun Scarab Info

    Shows the car sold for $8700. http://www.silverauctions.com/auction_carlist.php?id=78&type=2
  3. Not leaving the Z car ranks, just need a 4 seater so I can take the family to car shows. I'm still in the process of building another V-8 car. http://www.classiczcars.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=4256&cat=1
  4. dsommer

    Datsun Scarab Info

    No reply from the auction, too bad.
  5. dsommer

    Datsun Scarab Info

    I contacted the auction company and asked them to forward my contact info to the seller to see if he'll get in touch with me to verify the car. Let's keep our fingers crossed and see what happens. David
  6. I used to be a member of this board a while back, just here and there. My name is David Sommer I live in Rogers AR. I have and original Scarab #154 (240Z)and a 73 240 with a 350 chevy. I just posted some pics of the Scarab in the album section under dsommer if anybody is interested. David
  7. Looks Great!!! Is this for the red top? Are you going to be fabbing these or is this a one off for you? I'd be interested in buying one.
  8. David Scarab #154
  9. David Scarab #154
  10. David Scarab #154
  11. David Scarab #154
  12. David Scarab #154
  13. David Scarab #154
  14. David Scarab #154