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  1. I've got a real Factory Scarab (#155) that I am selling. PM me if you're interested. Craig
  2. For sale my factory built Scarab Z # 155. This is a true factory car -- one of only 17 known to exist. I have owned this car since 1996. The body and interior was done in 1997. The engine rebuilt in 2003 and the suspension in 2008. This car was built by Scarab in 1979 on a 1972 donor Z. The car has been in northern California all its life and has a good body. Floors are good. There is minor rust on the driver's door and on the rear tailgate finisher (a replacement panel is readily available) This Scarab has a 350 Chevy "Bow tie" block with angle plug heads, BRE aluminum roller tipped rockers, Edelbrock torker intake with Edelbrock carb. The transmission is a Borg-Warner Super T-10 4-speed with the Scarab installed R200 LSD rear. Scarab installed rear sway bar. Super rare Campagnolo wheels. Recaro seats and Momo Prototipo steering wheels. Front brakes are circa 1979 FIA 4 piston calipers. I am selling this car to fund a new project (I already have a 1967 Cutlass 442 and 1966 Ford Ranchero) and I need the space. Price is $25,000 I have a Flickr page with photos and videos (although I'm having trouble putting the link in). Email me and I'll send the link
  3. I've got the dealer installed A/C from a 72 Z. Was going to put it in my car but changed my mind. Had it for quite a while but if your interested, PM me.
  4. A quick look at Hemmings classifieds -- which typically represents the upper end of the "asking price" for 240Z's (you indicated in your post "clean early Z's) shows asking process from a low of $10,000 to a high of $ 16,000. one was recently listed at $25,000 but I do not know if it sold at that price. The same condition "clean early Z's with a GM LS1/LS2 conversion (most have automatics but some are standard) sell for between $ 15,000 and $20,000. so the answer to your query is YES. There was a fantastic Z from northern California that had EVERYTHING done to it with its LS conversion that was asked for $40,000 + and ultimately sold for $35,000. Forget factory Scarabs (to be fair I own factory VIN # 155 Scarab) They START in the mid $20's and go up from there depending on the VIN #. You can do this mental comparison with US made "restomods". If the underlying car -- fully restored -- is worth upwards of $25,000 - $50,000 then a fully restomod might bring $ 35,000 -$75,000. I'm weatch9ng Mecum now and that seems to be the case. So early Z's do not have the same lift as a classic 60's car when each have been restomoded. Good luck in your search -- keep in mind that to hold the power of an LS1/LS2 a WHOLE LOT -- and I mean A WHOLE LOT of suspension, unibnody/frame strengthening, brakes, steering and wheels/tires have to be done. If not you've got a straight line bottle rocket.
  5. The only Z's that had Scarab emblems were the Factory built Scarab cars. There were less than 200 built by Scarab engineering between 1976-81. Of these only 17 are known to exist. I maintain the Scarab Registry. The Scarab emblems are simply not available as they were on these cars only. Unless you find a parted out factory car (if you do let me know) I'm afraid you're out of luck. Also, are you using a Scarab kit (or at least the motor mounts) ?.. most use the JTR equipment as they are readily available..
  6. Some very cool stories and articles in this issue. All FREE -- Go to Wild About Cars - Your Automotive Resource Center - Our Latest News and Happenings and sign up.
  7. Ever heard of the Cheetah ? – the Cobra Killer created by Bill Thomas and Chevy – read all about it here: Wild About Cars - News Article While you’re there—sign up to receive the free No Limits eMagazine and Blog
  8. Scarab155


    I maintain the Scarab Registry and if you are examining the car -- a.) Factory Scarabs had a VIN plate on the drivers door jamb below the Nissan plate, 2.) there was an engraved plaque on the glovebox door (or above on later Z's) and 3.) the front brake calipers were 4 piston circa 1978 FIA racing calipers. Other than those features -- on a disassembled car -- you might be looking at a Scarab kit, or just a Z with an aftermarket wide body kit. On an assembled car there are more indications of a "Factory" Scarab. Such as the external Scarab "Bugs" and lettering. What is the casting number on the engine-- Describe the intake manifold and exhaust headers. Take a photo of the exhaust tips. There were less than 200 Factory Scarabs made so they are not common.
  9. Hi: Many clubs are experiencing a lot of web work that is not keeping up with other sites. If you go to you will see a site that is part of the master site. This "template" is free to any club and has all the features you need. These include "garages" for club memebrs to post photos of their cars, blog sections and mauch much more. And it's free to use !! Check it out and if you want more info, PM me. Craig
  10. Scarab # 90 is in the UK... As far as the Scarab Registry knows, these are the only two factory VIN Scarabs outside the USA/Canada. Scarab # 155
  11. I would punch some louvers in the hood (and inspection lids as well). I have this on my Scarab Z and they really do a greatv job of venting the heat from the engine bay. They also do not spoil the lines of the 240Z hood. Just my opinion.
  12. If you can't find any locally, i've got one.. PM me for info
  13. Scarab155

    ? last scarab made

    I keep the Scarab Registry and have contact with Brian Morrow. PM me and we'll see about getting your car on the Registry and some info out there. Scarab # 155
  14. Contact me via PM, I keep the Scarab Registry and have contact with Brian Morrow. Would like to get your car in it. What is the Scarab build # ? Scarab # 155