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3/8 Holes from Ziebart Treatment


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Hey Guys, I have repainted my doors, fenders hood and front parts and now I'm getting ready to do the back half/roof area.

My question is the car was treated by Ziebart in 1975, they did a great job because theres very little rust in the car.

The problem is all the little 3/8 holes in the jambs and the back hatch area.

Should I just buy some plugs and not worry about it or try to patch them up. I dont want to cause any problems by welding patches, and I think I will have a hard time since the "Gooey Mix" is everywhere, and might foul up the weld. All the holes are in blind areas. There are 8 holes in the rear hatch area alone.

I'm not going to show the car, I just want it to look nice.

Any idea for some "trick" plugs?

Thanks, Doug

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Maybe find a place that does rust treatments and see if they have some plugs that you could use. I wouldn't weld them either unless the car was going to get repainted. You might also be able to find rubber plugs at your local auto parts store.

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I presume the little plugs that Ziebart used to use (Yellow with their name) are gone. If that's the case, and if there are no Ziebart dealers in your area that could help (don't recall if they're out of business or not), then definitely take a stroll to the hardware store and see what you can find.

The worst thing you could do is to remove the plug caps and not replace them with anything. I agree with you that to go to the trouble and expense of trying to repair the holes would be more trouble than it would be worth. Ziebart is not necessarily a bad product but removing it would be a real chore.


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Ziebart is still around and you can fina a dealer close to you at ziebart.com. I would think you should have no problem getting some caps, which, by the way, are black now with their name on it.

I had my Z Ziebart'd the second day I owned it and it was the best thing I ever did to it..... 33 years and I have no major rust problems.

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