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Found Some Rust


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Hey guys,

Was cleaning the car today and took off the door sills and the passenger side found this.... Holes weren't there until I touched the spots with a screwdriver. Checked the floors and they are still good. This isn't a spot that needs to be replaced is it? What are some fixes i can do? I have never had to deal with rust before.

Thanks guys, I'll be searching the forums in the time being as well.


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Joey, I can see the thumbnail on the frontpage. Looks like the rocker panel is rusted through. And yes, you need to have that repaired, the rockers (also called sills) are an important part of the body structure.

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That's another area on the Z car prone to rust. Moisture gets trapped beneath the sill plate and rust forms, ultimately eating away until holes develop. Have you given the rear wheel arches, front fenders, rear hatch, cowl area, battery tray area, frame rails, etc... a good once over? These are also some of the common rust areas.

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To give yourself a better idea of the extent of the rust, look through the inner rocker panel to the outer skin via the holes in the inner rocker panel. \

You'll probably need an inspection mirror to do this right, but that and a flashlight will tell you what you are looking at.

On the inner rocker panel, you'll find the vinyl overlay that's glued to the metal. Carefully lift the panel off the adhesive and you'll see some reinforcing stamped holes in the sheet metal. These allow you to look all the way through to the outer sheet metal of the rocker panel.


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