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Anybody building headlight relay harness?


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Since Dave has stopped building his relay harness for the headlights, I'm wondering if anyone has picked this up. I asked for the plans but heard nothing. If anyone can provide the plans I could build. I have a dead light and would like to upgrade to halogen while I'm in there. Help please!!


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The Victoria harness has been pretty thoroughly dissed in an old thread, by people who bought it.

I have been planning to look into making these later in the Spring. I thought I'd get my feet wet doing alternator upgrade adapters first. But I've got some diagrams that Dave did some time back, and with that and my knowledge (from doing this on non-Datsuns) I'm pretty sure that I can come up with something viable even without Dave's actual plans. I've even got a couple of ideas for some changes, for more reliability and easier installation. So I may yet get to this.

But I've got to admit that as a person who enjoys wiring and electrical mods, but is also fussy about doing it clean and right, the hassle of finding suppliers for the OE style terminals and connectors has discouraged me. I'm not sure it's worth the headaches. But I haven't given up yet.

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You'll have to forgive my lack of getting things done around here but if you had any idea of the crap that I've put up with this month, you'd understand.

Here's what I got so far......and if anybody can tell me how to put a one page "word" document (7.73 MB)with pictures on here, I'll show you the "Figs." that the instructions refer to. The uploader only allows for 1 MB.

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Dave, the file size of the Word doc is directly related to the file size in kilobytes or megabytes of the pics you inserted into the doc. To reduce the size of the Word doc you can resize the pics before inserting them, or possibly even save them in a more effecient format like .JPG if they're not already.

And thanks for the file. I plan on getting to this as soon as I'm done with the suspension mods.

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I wonder if you couldn't email it to Mike the adminstrator and ask him to post it in the technical articles section?

BTW I love the harness you made for me, it's literally a night and day improvement over what I had before.

Gogriz91 - Glad to hear it and good idea.

If you or any one can figure a way to get a 7.73 mb page with 10 pics on to this or any other same subject forum, We'd all be greatly appreciative.

I'll E-mail it to who-ever wants it or can get it onto this or any of the other same subject forums/threads.

The page is just 10 pics of parts and techniques with the Fig # written above the picture, its in ''word'' format.


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