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How Do Cars Age?


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They say dogs age 7 'dog years' for every solar year. So when a dog reaches 14 people years, it's 98.

HOw would you think that cars age? I figure it 1 'year' for every 1000 miles. That would mean cars generally outlast people (many cars get over 100,000 miles which would be 100 people years) Mine has 110k miles, and it's still quick and agile, although the 'ticker' (engine) could use a little help. LOL

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Like everything else, age depends on "care." My co-worker is 53, but looks and acts like he's 65. My car has 97,000 km (60,000 mi) and shows it - worn out everything. My friend's motorcycle has 200,000 km (125,000 mi) and looks and runs like brand new.

But, to answer your question, I think cars age on a sliding scale. The first year is probably the hardest on a new car, so I say the first year may be equal to ten years. Then, the wear and tear slows down as the parts break in and settle down. Maybe 8 years the for the second, 5 years for the third, until you get down to 1 for each year. using this theory, I figure my car is about 60 years old.

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