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280-ZX Half Shafts?

Marty Rogan

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Marty, If you intend to install the 280ZX drive axles onto a R180 you should be fine but, if you have a R200 you will need to shorten the left side drive axle approximately 1/2" to prevent it from binding when completely compressed (when it's perpendicular to the diff). Been through this exercise and it's pretty simple to shorten. You have to completely disassemble the drive axle. Don't loose any of the parts and docuement the order in which they are disassembled so reassembly is correct. The modification is done to the male half of the drive axle assembly. Basically, you want to replicate the end of the male shaft, back .500". Reassemble with a good gease and get on down the road. The clamps that secure the boot can be an issue but I managed to reuse the stock unit. However, these type of band clamps are available but, you have to use the correct tool to secure them. Hope this info helps.

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