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Tornado to close for comfort.


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While driving to work sunday afternoon i noticed the clouds where getting darker. Well i didnt think much of it at the time.

Well after i got to work and started my nightly work as usaul. I work in the back and cant really see outside, But i got to noticing that we were really slow for a Sunday.

A coworker and I went to take the trash out around 7:30 or 8:00 oclock and thats when it started getting bad.

It was basically just heavy rain and small hail for about a 1 1/2 hrs. Then a costomer came through the drivethrew, but his truck broke down at the speaker. (damn what kinda luck is that?)

I went and helped him push it out of the way and right as soon as we got it in a parking spot the sirens went off.

We took him and his two kids and got in the freazer. (really thick walls but i didnt think it would help much LOL)

After that we heard a loud crash and wend howling like crazy. Then it all went silent. After about 5 minutes of sitting in their freezing out asses off i decided i was getting out of their. Walk outside and their aint a cloud in the sky.

The crash must have been the bilbourd sighn as it blew over nearly hitting the bosses car. LOL

This is my true story hope you all dont have the same thing.


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Hey Bill,

Glad you're okay. You need more experience with them twisters! I'd have been outside taking pictures!! Yahoo!!! Ride the lightning!!

Chris A.

While you were dodging twisters, here's what was going on here. Winter brings out the best drivers!!!!!


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Ya this weekend where I live we got a couple of inches of rain then it all froze and snowed about 5 or so inches. Talk about a mess!! Interstate was closed, all highways closed, all city streets were closed, and even my university closed for 2 days that that hasn't happened in like 15 years. it was a mess, I've never seen so many tow trucks pulling wrecked cars! I got stuck in the apt. for two days with my gf and her cousin and her bf. what a boring way to spend it! now i have to try to get about in my camaro,, wish me luck!!!

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