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280Z Stalls While Cornering.


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Well, it started one night when we were trying to figure out why i had a huge clunk when i shifted hard, we where taking a corner pretty hard and the car stalled out. I could smell burning wires, and saw some smoke come frome the cowl area. The car wouldnt even start untill a pal of mine came over and we replaced the fusible links and some wiring to the fuel pump. I also bought a new fuel pump relay. So, the car starts just fine, but the really f-ed up part is, when ever i take a corner i can hear click click click, my relays going on and off, and the car begins to stall again, and jerks back and forth like crazy....but the second i straighten her out, she flies just fine. I have posted this question in many forums, and still have no leads at all....i am in fact doing a 350sbc swap, but its supposed to be really cold in Calgary right now, but is like summer, and i really want to take the Z out a bit more before throwing the chev in it.....any suggestions at all are appreciated. Thanks.

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Ok, i was just outside, this is wierd. The car started up like a champ just now, but after turning it off, i was checking all my electrical connections at the ignition relay, moved some stuff around, tried to start it again, but she would go! so i moved the wiring at the ignition relay again, and suprise suprise, she starts up just fine! guess i gotta start replacing some wires

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