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Bumper Q?


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Im wanting to clean the front end of my 76 280Z and wanted to know if the 240Z Skiny rounded bumper will bolt up to my 280 or will it not fit? I just dont like the long look that the stock bumper gives my car and im looking for something meaner. Any input would be great thanks for any and all help....

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You know , I don't remember any one asking this question in the past. If you think about it the front fenders , hood , grill and head light buckets will all interchange from a 280 to a 240 . I would think that the bumper would do also . I will measure the width of my 240 and add the dementions to this post. Maybe this will help you . I agree with you about the lipey look of the later Z , because of the regulations imposed on Nissan . I measured the inside demention of a spaire bumper from the brackets near he ends . 59'' . I have a '73 with '71 front bumpers . Gary

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i was screwin around one day with bumpers on my 280z and for some reason i dont remember my late production 72 z's front bumper fitting right... i think the mounting brackets that mount to the shell werent the same width. I could be wrong it was quite some time ago.

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