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what cam would you use?

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Nismo Cam's

Lets say your me. An 18 year old guy who can't stand people to be beatin in a street race by any ricer ( less the S2000 and NSX i would be happy to have one race me! ) which cam off of that page would you recomend for me? and what other mods would you say i should do?

P.S. im just putting ideas together for a project. I intend for it to be an early 240...hopefully 70 - 71 cause i like the emblems more and plus i get to say its a 70 =) but definetly a 240.

P.S.S. also on this website they have a 2.8L Big Bore kit for the 240...but when i clicked on it, it was the same as the 3.1L Big Bore Kit....ideas?


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the 3.1L big bore is probably your best bet for the largest increase in power. The cam depends on the kind of driving your going to be doing...i know you want acceleration to kick the $#!+ out of all the other teens on the road, but do you also want it to cruise well? You have alot of things to think through...and please dont do this to a 70...leave them alone for those who would like to restore it. The 72's are the best year anyway. Also keep in mind that eventually you wont want all the performance parts if your truely into the Z. Im almost 17 now and know exactly whats going through ur head. When i got my first Z i wanted to do every performance upgrade in the book, until i drove it for a while and just didnt feel like i needed to and the cost of everything is just not worth it. All the performance mods would be justifiable if you were gonna race, but all ur gonna do are little stoplight skirmishes. Just my few pennies worth....

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Just as a reference, from what I've heard about building up a 3.1L stroker motor. From the people I've talked to about this(I once considered it), to do it right and to get the most power and reliability will run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $3000-3500! Minimum.

There is a lot of machine work involved in building one of these motors. Food for thought.

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yeah i dont know of any 2.8L bore Kit...but you can bore over the L24 to 2.8L...but it does compromise the integrity of the engine block. All you should need when you do that is bigger pistons and i would recommend putting the L28 valves on.

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The cam you choose depends on which carbs you decide to use, which head, compression ratio, exhaust system etc. You should pick your cam when you decide on how you are going to build your engine. It will be easier to choose a cam to fit your engine specs than to build your engine around the cam choice. EWven what gear ratio and transmission figures into the equation so you have a cam that gives you the right power range for the rpm's you plan on running the car. Once you decide on how you are going to build your car, the right cam will be what works with your modifications.

I would stay with a cam of less than .460 lift and 270/280 duration unless you are planning on some tripple Webers and high compression.

Probably your best bet with Su's and some mild modifications like a header and 2 1/2 inch exhaust would be the 480 lift, 274 duration.

If you get too wild you will run into vacuum problems and idle/driveability issues.

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