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auto capacity question


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Hi Guys,

this is directed for those (un)fortunate to own an auto.

Does anyone know what the actual capacity of the gearbox is? every manual i can find states 5.5L but, after i drained mine (and replaced the filter, the gearbox is immaculate btw!). I am stumped on the capacity?

The only way which i could work out to fill the thing was through the dipstick, so i poured 5Ltrs down it, and that overfilled the tube.. i then spent the day suctioning out the fluid by syringe (3hrs of fun!), until it got down to around 2.5L. When you check the dipstick, should the engine be running or hot? or just cold?

i just don't want to put too much in and have it blow up on me :D

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I'm not sure which transmission the 240K uses but in my manual which has the 3N71B it also states 5.5L. It also says that approximately 2.7L of that goes in the torque converter. Unless you power flushed the trans, your torque converter still had fluid in it and that is why the trans wouldn't take the full 5.5L. This is taken directly from my service manual. Remember this is for a 1978 USA 280Z with a 3N71B automatic trans:

Measuring oil level

To check the fluid level, start the engine and run it until normal operating temperatures {oil temperature: 50 to 80C (122 to 176F). Approximately ten minute of operation will raise the temperature to this range.} and engine idling conditions are stabilized. Then, apply the brakes and move the transmission shift lever through all drive positions and place it in park "P" position. In this inspection, the car must be placed on a level surface.

The amount of the oil varies with the temmperature. As a rule the oil level must be measured after its temperature becomes sufficiently high.

1. Fill the oil to the line "H". The difference of capacities between both "H" and "L" is approximately 0.4 liter (7/8 U.S. pt., 3/4 Imp.pt.) and therefore, do not fill beyond the line "H".

2. When topping up and changing oil, care should be taken to prevent mixing the oil with dust and water.

In this instruction, they seem to use the word 'oil' to also mean trans fluid.

Hope this helps.

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All L6 auto's apart from later Skyline R30's w/4spd auto are identical ie 3N71B, and yes, unless cpmpletely drained inc torque converter, then you'll only need about 2.5-3.0 litres. Also as suggested, check with engine running.

Bear in mind if you drain torque converter as well, upon re-filling and before driving, just keep your foot on the brake, run through each gear ie 1, 2, 3, N, R and give the car some revs. Not too much or you'll end up through the garage wall ! LOL


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