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What Car does Speed Racer Drive?


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From the shape of the car, I think it's a 250 "pontoon" Testarossa, with some modifications to the front tips of the pontoons. The car was popular about the same time as the cartoon.

I dunno about the engine tho. It's supposed to be able to spin at 24,000 rpm?

What car does Racer X drive?


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Don't they call it the "Mach 5"?

Right you are! More specifically it was the Supercharged Formula 1 Mach 5. And Racer X drove the Shooting Star.

In real life there was a Mach 5 built on a Vette chassis, minus all the cool gadgets of course.

For all your Speed Racer needs here's the site: http://www.speedracer.com/

And for the real life Mach 5 here's that site: http://www.driveamach5.com/

YES!! I'm a Speed Racer fan...I got a hold of the complete collector's box set a few years back and love it...all 52 episodes! :D

Great topic by the way!!

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I was talking about the car used in the 60s cartoon. I think they got the design from the Testarossa.

And the shooting star looks like an old Lotus, I think.

Was there a "Testarossa" in the 60's?


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The 250 testrossa started in 1959, then changed to the TR60 in 1960 and continued to 1964. I think Speed racer came out about 1966-67?

The Testa Rossa, or red head, like my ex-wife :mad:, a firey disposition (Irish, not Italian) but not nearly as expensive LOL. Gotta love Speed Racer, been a fan since I was a kid and the show first started. Getting kind of tired of the new Geico commercial tho.

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