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throttle linkage missing part?

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DUMAS question #2 for today:


For those who don't recognize these, they are the throttle linkage pin (one with the forked end) and the sleeve which are mounted within the two lobes on the intake manifold crossover tube. What I do not know is, it appears as though these two holes align when fitted. To secure the sleeves position (keep it from slipping) is a bolt passed through this hole? A pin with "C" or "E" clamp? Cotter pin?

I am trying to restore the original linkage which is missing a few parts. I tried emailing ZTherapy for help on this but got no reply. :(

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My parts would be 109 and 119, parts 115 & 116 should be the fast idle stop screw and spring which I also dont have. Are the bolt and screw 117 &118 what you are referring to? If that's all it needs, I should be able to use any ample sized bolt and nut, correct?

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Thx Carl. As the sleeve piece is so thin, I wasnt sure it was "threaded" or not. At first sight it doesnt appear to be, or if it is, it's only going to grab one set of threads on that screw. But then again, I suppose it doesn't need alot, just to stay in place. Might be a little tougher to find though. I'm gonna email the guys at ZTherapy again and see if I get a response this time.

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