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Steel Clutch Line


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If any of you guys have noticed, I've ben looking for a steel clutch line for a '72, I was thinking, would a later year, maybe up to a '78 work. It may be easier to find a later year than a '72. All the dealers tell me that it is NLA. It's the steel clutch line that runs from the master to the hose.



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You could make your own with a double flare tool (easy to get a basic one even at a place like Harbor Freight in Pasadena (Rosemead and Foothill). All you would need is the fittings at either end which I assume you could re-use from the line you're trying to replace.


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About two years ago I had some brake lines manufactured by Inline Tube Co. If you have the original line, you can send it to them and they will make an exact copy. My lines came out very nice. The only difference from the original lines is that I have to use a slightly larger wrench on the fitting. Just like when you buy metric bolts at the hardware store, the threads are correct, but the hex-head of the fitting is not JIS form factor that Nissan used. They can make the lines in Mild Steel, or Stainless Steel.


Here is another place that may be of help to you. I have not used them.


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Most muffler and brake shops keep brake line in various lengths, sizes, and fittings in stock. The clutch line you are talking about could be easily made at one of these shops. I used to manage a Monro Muffler a few years ago, and it was common to do this. You might check with your local people to see if you can have it done, too. I don't know what companies are in your area, but Midas, Meineke, Monro, etc. are all places where you might try.

It shouldn't be too costly either.

Good luck,


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