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Need help to ID Fairlady / engine blocks/ heads


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Mar0703.jpg This is the proper hub caps for an ealry Fairlady / 240 correct?

Mar0704.jpg This is a spare 2000 CC engine I found this morning

Mar0701.jpg How do ID these heads?

Mar0706.jpg Same with short blocks , I found 3

Mar0707.jpg parts car, rust buckets but they do have drivlines, both manual trannys.

Most of the parts were found in saw dust, they all need work but may be a good core for someone that needs them. Is there a publication with ID / date code locations so I can sort threw this stuff?

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The picture of the hub cap you posted does appear to be from an early Fairlady.

You can find head casting numbers on the right hand side of the head, hear the front, slightly below the spark plug holes. Expect to see 'E30' casting code for early Fairlady type ( as fitted to L20A engine ), but E31 and E88 are also possible, and were the types fitted to the majority of first generation Z cars exported to the USA. You might even come across a Y70, which was a later domestic head.

Cylinder block designation is stamped into a pad on the right hand side of the block, near the back, and up near the top surface. See the attached picture for location reference.

If its an early Fairlady block, then expect to see 'L20 A' as per the picture, but don't forget that Japan got the option of an L24 engine from late 1971, and you might even find an Export L26 or L28 ( even a domestic L28 is possible in the pile ).

Body type designation ( VIN plus body serial number ) for a Fairlady will be stamped into the firewall sheetmetal, above the brake booster. You may need to push away wires and pipes to see it clearly. Expect to see 'S30' for an early Fairlady, but 'HS30' is also possible for a Fairlady ( from late 71 ) and so is 'S31'. USA market types say 'HLS30' and 'RLS30'. I don't think you have a 280Z there, but its hard to see clearly. Maybe the cars still have their original VIN tags too.

There might be a pair of the smaller L20A-fitting Hitachi HJG38W-3 carbs in that pile, fitted to the equivalent narrow-runner manifold. Be aware that they are not a beneficial bolt-on to the USA model type heads, generally speaking. Be careful to identify them correctly before you sell them or use them.

If you have any more questions then come right back with them. I'd start labelling stuff if I were you.



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"Running when parked"

You have a small fortune in junk parts. I would love to make a mold of the hubcap center.

I dont know if they ( parts cars) were running when parked !

Thankfully the fairlady had been stored indoors, out of the weather,

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Where are the two zs at?

Shushhhhh! Speak softly, they might hear you.

If you squint and take a step back from your monitor, you can just see them through the trees and undergrowth and stuff - see? There's two of 'em. One red and one white..........

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Have a heart. Its 3am here in London. I might be able to do better if I wasn't so sleepy.

If its any help, I believe NovaSS said he was in Delaware on the other Fairlady thread? ( take a look over there to make sure, perhaps? ).

Nighty night.

Alan T.

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