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  1. NovaSS

    factory 8 track

    Im trying to find out if my 8 track is factory installed with out pulling ( yet) It say Hitachi on the front but thats about it. Some one listed a couple part number a while back but now I cant fiond them.
  2. The car will be "dipped" so if it there it will show up , Im sure Im just missing it due to a repaint. Thank guys !!!
  3. It should be in this area correct? I checked the other locations, no vins there either, just the one on the strut tower plate. Maybe I can talk the guy out of his S30-00002 Vin plate and re stamp this car :tapemouth
  4. I did a search on firewall VINs but havent seen any threads on NO FIREWALL VIN, mine does not have a firewall vin, Its a early Fairlady Z. Is this normal? The VIN on the strut tower matches the paper work so its no big deal.
  5. NovaSS

    1st gen seats

    How many different seat types came in the early Zs? Mine is a 1970 ( Nov 1969 production ) RHD Fairlady. My problem is the right seat was replaced at one time because it was torn :mad: The replacment seat has a different design around the head rest. Does anyone know what year seats would be correct?
  6. I still have S30-00144 and am going to start restoration next year. If anyone wants any pics to comapre any parts to this car (S30-00002) just let me know, I can have them posted in 24 hours.
  7. Pull the plugs and spray the cylinders with a light oil, Marvel or BP blaster. I would pull the valve cover and dump a quart of oil over the upper half. Leave out the plugs and spin it over till you have oil pressure. Change out all the fluids and get a can of starting fluid ready , Put the plugs back in and give it a try. Some thing else to watch out for is even with the clutch pushed in the plate and flywheel may be rusted together. So dont have it pointed at anything when it catches !
  8. As for the Gap Less rings, they show low STATIC leak down numbers but in dynamic operation the difference is slight compared to a properly gap standard ring. The gap less are showing great results in alcohol fueled engines due to the extreme rich conditions they are run in. On the street? Go for it you have the money but don’t expect a whole lot.
  9. Go down to any new dealer ship and check out some of the new colors coming out, some are pretty wild and it easier to make a choice when you see it in person. Paint on those chips in the books never come out the way you think they will. The other advantage to using a factory based color is repair work. Trying to match a custom mix can is almost impossible. After painted my last car I found the hood was illegal ( cowl induction hood was too tall) I picked up another hood , went down and picked up a quart of paint and sprayed away. Pefect match and now Im legal again.
  10. In a car? We had a thread over at the Nova board like this ( what the fastest you have ever gone) The winner ? A payload specialist from the shuttle Discovery took the prize at 17,000 MPH plus.
  11. Yes the title says. W A Robert, he is my father. ( nothing like an USAF Officer with the initals of W.A.R. ) My real name is Mike Harris AKA Nova SS. I moderate over at Steves Nova Site,(www.stevesnovasite.com) the most active Nova board on the net. I have not yet transfered the car into my name as I waiting to see if I have to sell it or keep it. I would like to thank ALL of you guys for all the information requarding the early Z cars. Everyone has made a postive contribution, even if there is some disagrement on some minor issues. I now have a better basic understanding of what the gentlemen a Datsun went through to get this car on the road.
  12. I just felt that the valve statted ( $500.00 ) was as realsitc as my desire to destroy it. ( by cutting it up.) I was being a smart arse. All honesty I dont want to sell it, I want to restore it. I know the cost involved, $15,000-20,000 as I have restored a couple cars already. I just have to prepare my self if it has to go I want a fair price and want it to go to someone who will give it a good home. I dont care if its a classic, rare or just another car. I Like it and thats all thats important.
  13. My 65 Nova is titled as a 64, based on its first date of sale, ( and the fact that the car physiclay existed in 1964) I just have never heard of it being done in reverse. No big deal realy. Carl says its worth $500.00 , I just figured the rear vertical defogger glass was worth that much. Guess Ill give it the pro street treatment, how many RHD tubed fairladys are there anyway?
  14. Carl, can you explain the idea that Fairladys were not produced until Jan 1970? It has been stated that the first run of the 240z are sometimes found to be titled as 1969 because of the sales date, even though its a 1970 model, WHY ? Because they were sold/ titled in late 1969. I see the same situation here .The date on this title was simply transfered from the first title. If the car was produced, titled and sold in 1970 why would it ever be titled as a 1969? If it was a Jan 1970 or later build it would have been titled as a 1970. This car only had two owners, a former USAF Officer ( passed on) and it second owner, another USAF Officer. Since the first is no longer with us I have to go on the accounts of my father, the second owner. He told me the car was first purchased before Christmas in 1969 as a present for the late officers wife while stationed in japan. The above information would tend to support that belief that the first Fairladys were being produced along side of the 240Z in late 1969.
  15. I dont know if they ( parts cars) were running when parked ! Thankfully the fairlady had been stored indoors, out of the weather,
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