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March Poll of the Month

What upgrades have you made (or do you plan to make) to your Z?  

867 members have voted

  1. 1. What upgrades have you made (or do you plan to make) to your Z?

    • Wheels/ Tires
    • Shocks/ Springs / Bushings
    • Ground effects/ Airdam/ Spoiler/ Skirts/ Flairs
    • Audio System, Insulation
    • Electrical, Alternator, Wiring
    • Color
    • Drivetrain, Engine, Induction, Exhaust, Diffy, Ignition, Tranny
    • Seats
    • Climate Control, Blower, Evap/ Condensor/ heater box
    • Window Tint
    • Brakes
    • Wipers
    • Instruments, Tach, Speedo
    • Radiator, electric fan
    • None, she was and is perfect!

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On your Z, what system(s) have you upgraded or plan to upgrade(not simply repaired, but made different than a "Factory"-I just can't get away from that F word!-or dealer installed situation)?


Good Poll. I can see how that other poll regarding Factory or Dealer installed parts or superseded parts was so important.

My car has had many repairs that were done with original Datsun parts, but in some instances were considered upgrades to what was done with the car originally.

The seats on a 71 do not offer a true reclining mechanism. They are the original tilt the backrest style of reclining (i.e. turn a knob and adjust the angle of the backrest, but not adjust the position of the backrest with relation to the seat). You could not tilt the seat back forward either (to get to the hatch area).

The 72 cars had a true reclining mechanism, and you could tilt the back forward. Many original owners effected this change when possible. (I'm not including the Stock Concours Purists) Those were changes that people did to "correct" items they felt were inadvertently "forgotten", "overlooked" or "unfinished" in the original car.

Courtesy Lights in the foot area or on the door to illuminate when open are another "upgrade" that uses the stock wiring. All you have to do is add the lights. The door switches will light them and so will the Dome light switch, so this was a "change" without being a modification, but in the pure essence of this poll was made "different".

The Heater Control Panel Faceplate is notoriously dark on all the 240's except for the 73 model. That one offered back-light bulbs to illuminate the levers and knob. That also is a change, but again many owners took advantage of it.

Custom wheels were such a "standard" part of the dealer package that there are many individuals that are "shocked" to discover how plain the original "D" Hubcaps were, or the subsequent "Z" ones. How many times have you seen ads for the OEM Mag Wheels on a Z? The famous 5 spoke oval hole aluminum wheels with a cap or a spinner were so prevalent that most people just assume the car arrived with them and not that they were one of those "automatic" upgrades by the dealer. In other posts and other sites we've heard of guys that worked at the dealer and were literally chucking brand new hubcaps in the junk because the new owner didn't want them (when he actually did NOT know the car came with different wheels). A friend of mine was told that Datsun expected the car to be sold with the Mag's but had them installed in the US to save $, and that's why dealers did that automatically. Truth or Sales Hype?

I wanted to vote, but unfortunately, I'd have to pick each option including the last one.


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Does that mean the percentages don't mean $hit? LOL (to me it does)

Man, you guys are sure quick to jump on the critical end of things.... Has anyone bothered to take a calculator and add up the percentages? If you do, you will see that they all equal 100%.

The numbers represent a percentage of the total votes. Taking all of the percentages and adding them together will give us a total of 100%.

Now, how these numbers equate to the percentages is a bit confusing. When this poll was set up, it was decided to allow users to vote more than one time. Therefore, when a single person votes, they can pick multiple selections. At this time 68 people have voted. It doesn't tell me how many choices they made.... It simply tells me that 68 votes have been cast.

-- Mike

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The only thing stopping you from voting that way, is you! I had similar thoughts, and that is why I didn't vote immediately.

I am glad the method to my madness is becoming clear.

I am using the same train of thought about upgrading with later model Datsun parts, still an upgrade, and not a repair, but more difficult to discern.


I am not critical at all, I understand what the statistics are showing, I didn't when I posted the poll, but now that I do, the next one will fit the formulas! The only part that I wish for was the interconnection of the categories-how many people who upgraded their wheels also added ground effects-and the like.

I appreciate the opportunity to have a poll with growing pains!


PS. at the end of the poll I will provide the statical analysis available with what has been collected so we can see what is tells us(other than the posted percentages).

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Hmm, to answer Will's questions as to my modifications thus far and my planned upgrades...Really, it's a work in progress. However, the intention of my car is to end up as powerful, fun street car.

Mods so far:

-Halogen headlights

-Front and rear air dam

-Custom front turn signals

-5 speed manual tansmission (was already on the car when purchased)

Mods in progress:

-Overhaul of electrical system

-GM 1-wire alternator conversion

-MSD 6AL ignition and MSD Blaster Coil

-Stripping interior for paint and repairs

Future mods:


-Urethane bushings

-Sway bars

-Tubular front and rear a-arms

-Rear disc conversion

-Front disc upgrade

-Wheels and tires (not sure which, maybe BBS and Yokohamas?)

-R200 LSD with Quaife differential

-Short shifter

-LED tail/turn/brake lights, third brakelight

-Electric fan

-Autometer gauges

-Replumb everything with SS braided hose and Aeroquip hose fittings

-Bore and stroke? (MSA kit possibly)

-Upgrade entire valvetrain and camshaft

-Cylinder head port and polish

-Blueprint and balance engine

-Fuel injection conversion (Megasquirt)

-Fuel cell?

-Custom intake

-Turbo conversion (twin turbo?) with the whole gamut of b.o.v., intercooler, electronic boost controller, etc etc

-Custom exhaust

-Redo interior with new insulation, carpet, leather, and other pieces

-Fiberglass dash

-Tint windows a bit

-Overhaul A/C and heat

-New radio with decent speakers and possibly a small sub

-Paint black

-Wide body?

-Carbon fiber hood?

I think that covers most of it. I'm sure I've left some stuff off my list, but this will keep me busy for a very long time. Needless to say, I've got my work cut out for me.


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.... You just get to vote once, for any one or all of the things that pertain to you. That's why you get all the boxes to click on.

Not just one item per person. Will, Where did you get the idea that I think you're only allowed to vote once for only one item?

>emphasis mine

To answer this question:

From your first post that says:

I can't vote twice, so how do you think people can get more than 1 vote? It even says near the top,"Voters: 53. You have already voted on this poll."

Since no one had posed the subject of multiple votes at that time, nor had anyone posted that they could or couldn't vote more than once. It is very possible that while you were aware of being able to vote more than once, others did NOT know so, nor think so, therefore that's why you got those responses. Then again, maybe you didn't know about multiple votes and had just tried it and it didn't work, or you hadn't yet tried it and was just presuming that you would not be allowed to.

Confused? Yeah, so are the rest of us when you start asking rapid-fire questions that seem to pick up on a thread that no one but YOU is thinking of and then getting upset when the answers don't fit your train of thought.

So let's get back to the thread.


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The percentages on the right apply to the number of votes for THAT option to the TOTAL number of options SELECTED.

In this voting scenario the percentage doesn't weigh any one option with relation to another, it's simply saying that that option was SELECTED X TIMES out of ALL boxes selected.

Since voters could select from ONE to FIFTEEN boxes for their 1 VOTE, each vote WEIGHS differently in the percentage on the right.

At the time I pulled the numbers, 72 people had voted, of which 37 had selected Wheels/ Tires and only 3 said NONE, Perfect. The %'s were from the TOTAL number of boxes checked, which was 342. 37 divided by 342 yields 0.10818 which matches the 10.82% listed, so does the 3 at 0.88%.

The problem is that the poll does not sum up the number of Total Checked Boxes.


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More planned mods:

-Turbo oil pump

-Dry sump oil system

-Sparco/momo steering wheel


-Roll bar

-5 point harnesses

-Custom built, solid differential mounts

-Lightened flywheel

-High performance clutch and pressure plate

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They are # 16,17, but a frame rail is a repair! -what you mean they aren't showing on your -puter, Loop them into ground effects(cosmetic).


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...72 people had voted, of which 37 had selected Wheels/ Tires.
So it would be an easy thing to divide the number of votes for the one category by the number of voters. Which means about 50% of the voters were planning or did upgrades to wheel & tires.

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Tomohawk, that is the very thing I ment when I said:

"PS. at the end of the poll I will provide the statical analysis available with what has been collected so we can see what is tells us(other than the posted percentages)."


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hey crash,

your list is similar to mine except that minus the stroking and turbo related gear it all on the "done" list, i love the car, great compromise of streeter and competition car, cept i did it the cheap way and bought it all done.


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So the percentage of people who actually listed their mods is statistically so small as to be un-reportable. In an attempt to increase them here goes:


- ground up restoration

- custom rear flares

- gnose (MSA)

- BRE rear spoiler

- Nissan gunmetal gray w/15% more flake

- rear FG bumper

- all new emblems (w/Accura 3.2L)

- passenger side mirror (identical to OEM driver's side)

- all new glass except hatch

- all new weatherstripping

- Zeddfinding floor pans and rear valance


- GC coil-overs

- GC 2.5-inch springs (250/275lbs)

- poly all around

- T/C kit

- 5-way adjustable shocks

- 1-inch front and 3/4 rear sway bars

- bump steer spacers

- front and rear strut bars

- Custom Wheel 2-piece 16X8

- Potenza - 03's (225X45-front/245X45-rear)


- 5-spd ('83) rebuilt

- quaife diff (3:90)

- CenterForce Dual friction clutch

- new master, slave, hose, bearings, boot, u-joints


- Cobra seats

- Autopower rollbar

- SafeQuip 5-way camlock seat belts

- replaced dash (uncracked)

- Panasonic radio/CD player

- Cambridge Sound speakers

- all new carpets

- all new vinyl trim

- new headliner

- new plastic trim

- armrest w/cupholder

- new visors, armrests, handles, etc.

- firewall insulator, brown bread insulation


- 3.2L w/triple mukunis (304hp/269lbs torque@crank)

- euro pulley

- MSA headers coated

- MSD 6A

- Euro distributor w/pertonix

- 8mm wires

- ITG airfilter

- gear reduction starter

- lightweight flywheel

- AZ 6-qt oil pan

- turbo oil pump

- AZ AL radiator W/electric fans

- Coolflex hoses

- Moroso fuel pump

- Holley regulator & gauge

- 24F battary - moved positive away from body)

- GM one-wire 95 amp alternator

- "kill" switch


- toyoto 4X4 w/cross-drilled rotors & porterfield pads - front

- 240SX calipers rear w/brembo solid rotor

- proportioning valve

- new MC

- SS lines

- vacumn can


- PIAA driving lights

- H4 headlights

- reconditioned gas tank

- all new gas/vent lines

- single point jacking plates

- custom made g-nose hinges

- custom made seat brackets

- rebuilt wiper motor

Other than that it's mostly stock.

Planned for spring of '05:

- AZ big front brake kit

- AZ front chromolly suspension

- electric vacumn pump

- replace front bearings (280 hubs)

- Hella horns

- Nissan OEM gnose light covers w/SS trim

- reweb seatbelts

- tune and dyno

- alignment

- heatshield and air induction

- O2 sensor installation w/AFM readout

- drive it (first stop - Tail of the Dragon)

You promise my wife will never see this list, right?

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Here is my list

1) Correct the vengence time and neglect have beaten into the body of the car. Strip all of the paint and underocoating off, replace the floors and seat mounts, put patches in the frame rails, windshield recess, valence/under dash vent area, tillight panel, hatch shelf, and one in the body.

2) Update the body/frame. weld in rear swaybar mounts from a '76 280Z, rear seatbelt mounts from a '76 280Z 2+2, patch the antenna hole. Trim the spare cup to take a gas tank from a '76 280Z such that the car looks correct from the rear.

3) Suspension, replace all of the bushings with urethane, Section the front struts by 1.5", install coil overs, and Tokiko Illuminas, update the rear with illuminas as well-I am riding the fence about the shorter steering knuckles...Thoughts?

4) Drivetrain: Move the entire drive line(except for the drive shaft) from a 1983 280ZXT to the car-all the way down to the cv shafts. The part that will bite some of you in the a$$ is that it is an automatic. Ultimately I want a 4 speed automatic, and if I find one in time it will go in then. Use a Camero radiator, GM engine management, Ford injectors, and diffy mounts from a '76 280Z. Upgraded turbo(in my gallery), personally fabricated stainless exhaust, fuel rail, and maybe an intake manifold. I am going to use a 2400 valve cover, and some other pieces native to the 240Z engine bay to help to keep the "stock" look.

The brakes are Toyota 4 pot with 300zx vented rotors in the front, and 280ZXT in the rear, with stainless lines at both ends. Wheels are set to be 15x7 Enkie mesh-might need a spacer. Tires are TBA

Interior: The windows will be tinted with the lightest sputtered titaniun film I have found. I will be fabricating an airconditioning system to work off the original (Factory)controls-no aftermarket cooling control screwed to the console. I will update the materials in the interior, and rework the stock seats, but I want to keep the style of the original interior. All other plastic panels are NOS. The car will get power windows, but will retain the cranks. The dash has alreaady been redone by Dash Restorations, and I have replaced the tach with one from a '76 280Z.

Outside: The bumpers will be clearcoated, the stainless is being polished, the lenses are all new except for the brakes which have been polished. It will be painted a dark bllue metalic.

And of course the car will get a set of JDM (or reproduction) headlight covers.


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- ground up restoration, media blasted chassis down to bare metal

- BRE Front and rear spoiler

- Powdercoated full suspension

- body and paint work matching original BRE Z's three color red white and blue

- tow hooks off of a Datsun roadster

- Front euro bumper

- Wink Mirror

- all new glass except hatch

- all new weatherstripping

- Classic Datsun NOS Nissan rear valance


- Hypercoil coil-overs w/ adjustable ride height

- Hypercoil 2.5-inch springs (350/375lbs)

- Solid bushings all around (DP Racing)

- Adjustable T/C rod kit (DP Racing)

-Adustable rear A-arms (DP Racing)

- 5-way adjustable struts (tokico Illuminas)

- Adustable 1 1/8-inch tubular front and 5/8 sold rear sway bars, with solid end links (DP Racing)

- bump steer spacers

- custom 10 point roll cage that ties into the front and rear strut towers, nascar style door bars. SCCA, VARA, HSR Legal

- Impossible to find American Racing LeMans magnesium wheels (2 sets)

- Hoosers - (225x50x14-front/225x50x14-rear)


- 5-spd, Nismo Comp overdrive box with steel syncros (and one spare)

- R-190 LSD's (4.44 and 3.90)

- Aluminum flywheel with steel insert and roadster 6 puck clutch (DP racing)

- new master, slave, hose, bearings, boot, u-joints

-AN Lines throughout, including new brake lines, fuel lines, Accusump remote oil filter and Mocal cooler

- Modified steering rack with solid endlinks and short steering knuckles


- Ultrashield road racing seats (driver and passenger)

- custom roll cage mentioned above

- Gforce 5-way camlock seat belts

- Custom Fiberglass dash (PDK Racing)

- Zolotoned interior custom headliner

- 5lb fire sytem with 2 nozzels

- ATL Fuel Cell with custom built enclosure


- Heavily modified 2.4 w/triple Mikunis (slover e-31 modified head) Original BRE Motor, 12.5:1 compression

- Early nismo balancer

- Custom made 8 piece BRE race headers


- Mallory distributor w/pertonix

- 8mm wires

- gear reduction starter

- Nissan comp pan

- BRE oil Filter block adapter

-Traco Oil filter mount (DP Racing)

- turbo oil pump

- Ron Davis cross flow AL radiator W/electric fan

- Dual Carter electric fuel pumps

- Canton Mecca 1 micron canister style fuel filter

- Holley regulator with gauge

- 11lb Racing battery relocated to behind passenger seat

- Denso one-wire 45 amp alternator

- "kill" switches (master and ignition)

- custom wiring harness and all new wiring

- euro tail light lenses (brand new)

- Dual master cylinders with pedal box modifications (DP Racing)

- Custom catch cans fabricated to match the original BRE Z's

- Custom exaust dual's 2 1/4 with megaphones no mufflers

- matching decals to the original BRE #46 Z

- original Valvoline and Champion decals

- Auto Meter Phantom Gauges

- Custom built copies of the original BRE racing headlight covers

- Removable MOMO Steering wheel and custom adapter (DP Racing)

- custom made seat brackets


- toyota 4X4 w/vented rotors & porterfield R4 pads - front

- 280ZX calipers rear w/ solid rotor and porterfield R4 pads -Rear

- Dual master cylinders with balance bar and adjuster

- new MC's Girling

- SS lines

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This is all the stuff that is on the car now...had the steering knuckles for years. A little research and you should be able to find a set...

I think at one point I had two sets, but the second set is long gone now.

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...had the steering knuckles for years. A little research and you should be able to find a set...

I think at one point I had two sets, but the second set is long gone now.

You'd be surprised at how many times I have heard this, and I've yet to find a set in about 3 years of searching.

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I know that someone was selling sets on ebay about a year ago, but I would look to Les Cannaday at Classic Datsun or Designproductsracing.com (DP Racing) for a set. Les's number is 760-940-6365. Let Les or Don know that I referred you please.

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