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I thought I would follow up on my damper pulley saga. I had to find a newdamper pulley for my 240z since the integrity of mine was in question.My options I found out was to buy another used one that the rubber was probably shot or buy an after market race pulley for a couple hundred.I found this damper doc guy out in california that rebuilds dampers for all vehicles.It cost as much as buying a used one , and he about guaranteed it against failure. I asked him if it would hold up under slightly higher then stock rpms and he said he would only worry about torque issues. And he was talking big block torque values. He charged me 69.95 for the rebuild which I thought was resonable and I can keep my stock set up that I can still use ac. The pulley came back cleaned, painted, and new rubber bonding

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Glad it all worked out. Do you have a picture of the damper as returned by the shop?

Considering the damagethat can be done if the pulley comes apart, and the cost of acquiring another 35 year old one from a salvage yard, I think that the $69.95 price is a bargain and I'm going to have my spare refurbished by them, and I'll swap it onto the rebuilt engine.

Just so the information on this subject is all in one place, here are links to the previous 2 threads madkaw started on this subject.

#1 http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16090

#2 http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16191

The follow up is great, but it's more helpful to others that follow if you update in the original thread. Makes it much easier for them to find the whole story.

EDIT: Link has been corrected

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Thanks for the advice carl. I'm pretty much an idiot when it comes to this computer stuff, but I'm trying to learn. This is the only web site I have chatted on so I've got a lot to learn. As far as a picture I don't even own a digital camera YET, but I am working on that too. Some day I will be in the year 2000. I guess that is why I have a 35 year old datsun and a 25 year old kawasaki.

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