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Just recieved my new muffler, and its a big kahuna!


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Here it is, 2.5 in inlet/outlet Summit Glasspack muffler... measureing in at 24 inches in length, polished steel. With a free flow internal design, this provides the kick for the money. This will be installed on my custom 2.5 inch exaust system I will have made for my 280Z just after I have her bodywork done.... A little high temp paint and I should be ready to go.



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I understand Sblake, its all in good fun! LOL

and here's ol summit's quote for more laughs hehe (kinda sounds like mine although I changed it, kinda corny but you would be suprised at what a sales pitch like that would do for muscle heads).

The sound of the '60s musclecar is back.

Our steel glasspack mufflers combine a louvered center tube with fiberglass packing to produce that powerful, distinctive glasspack sound. And with a free-flowing design, they'll help you deliver the power to back it up!

See what I mean hehehe, I need to be in advertising....

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Expensive piece of 2.5" pipe, after all that's about all it's going to be before long :) Just giving you a hard time too :) I hope that you are adding this to some other muffler to reduce some resonance??? Of course if you just use it alone I imagine you won't be hearing any resonance will you... :)

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LOL Lance

Actually I'm useing this as a primary until I can afford the 140$ Borla muffler I will be getting sometime, so I wanted to go the less expensive route. 25$ and 140$ is a hell of a price difference when you are limited on funds and trying to get your Z painted LOL. I'm Getting Maxi or Midas to make my system. I've quoted maxi at about 130-150 on the custom pipeing and muffler installation.... I know its gonna be a screamer LOL... bear in mind I am going to be useing stock exhuast manifold for the time being (so it won't be TOO loud). ;)

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Glasspacks like the old Thrush or Cherry Bomb mufflers? The sound the old 70's glasspacks made when you let off the gas was awful, IMO. I hated it. Blew throught the Thrushys in less than a year, but they were wicked cheapos back then. A car that blows alot of carbon will chew through those in months. Tune your Z well.


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That sounds great Tom. Can you tell us the process of getting the sound from recording it to a format the PC's are happy with, be it .wav, .mp3 whatever?? I would love to share the sound of the C10. It appears to be a complete Fujitsubo system. BIG stainless extractors into a full length twin system. The pics I've included seem to be the correct bits?

We could end up with a library of sound! All the various systems on this forum. From those still equipped with all the original Datsun/Nissan bits, Japanese air in the intake etc :cheeky:.... The spine tingling S20 howl, to the unique personalised setups like Sonofzzzap and your'n.

Mmmm..Vroom Vroom :laugh:




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