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good article on SU's


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just finnished converting my 260 to round tops, still need some stuff, but I found this which gives a real good feel for the carb, maybe should go in tech articles. Not sure if its already here, but thought it might help anyone messing with the carbs.


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On the unleaded fuel issue, I have the feeling that the author doesn't live in North America.

The cars that were sold in the U.S., (and I think Canada...) after 1975 came from the factory with a catalitic converter, and thus had the hardened intake seats installed. (Leaded gas plugs converters in only a few thousand miles of operation.)

Leaded gasoline has not been legal for street use in the U.S. for nearly 20 years.

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glad yas liked the article. I finnished the carb conversion on the cali car and had a drive of her today. Much much better than the flat tops, in terms of driveability, performance marginal, hopefully some tuning she'll get better. Also with the oil issue, I heard that auto trans fluid, will work good too.

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