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  1. Mine is like #1, does not have reinforcements nor holes, but does have the angled hood release handle. HLS30-04831 5/70
  2. eulb1

    Blower motor

    Build date of 5/70' and blower motor does NOT work when relay is unplugged. Bryan
  3. Thanks for the info and advice. I’m glad my original smog parts are intact and working on the car. I will be in town next week looking for a house to rent for a while, and a job. We want to live in the south west, in Avondale or near buy. But I will probably have to commute to the East side where most of the industry is for work. Yes we have experienced the heat in July, and the nice winter? At Christmas while visiting friends and family there. Bryan
  4. I am moving to Phoenix soon. If any members in that area have some advice about smog testing, license or other things I need to know. I would much appreciate the help. My Series 1, 240Z is a daily driver now but will get some rest when we get that 3 car garage. Bryan
  5. Curently have a 5-speed zx tranny while rebuilding the orig. 4A, 5th is nice on the freeway. But use an automatic? Hey this is a sports car!
  6. Goodbye Carl, thanks for the knowledge, parts, and humor. You are missed.
  7. The factory service manual says- “A reservoir is provided so as to relief expansion and bubbles due to heating.(for California, U.S.A.)”
  8. Dave I sent you a money order today for 1 Thanks in advance Bryan
  9. I just put in a set of Tokico non adjustable in the front. Added energy bushings while I was in there. I'm very happy with the front now, next month I’ll do the rear.
  10. Close to jurven240Z 98 #s later, same build date
  11. eulb1

    Early Car

    Ooooo some red paint- & twins! Must …. stay….. away…. from…. Buy it now button.
  12. Ah there it is again, seems almost every thread I read I find the “Pick on poor Bill section” Hang in there Bill! Even when you become an older fart like me you will find your right foot is still heavy. The Z was not designed to be a slow boulevard cruiser.
  13. A shirt! I wan dat.. I wan dat.. I wan dat..
  14. I had the dead gauges problem the other day. I found the “Flasher” fuse in the fuse block was bad. The fuse looked intact, but when I checked it with a tester it only had power on one end. I replaced the fuse and my gauges work again.
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