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1971 240Z for Sale on the EAST COAST


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This is a find! Original, straight, unmolested Series one 1971 240Z. Feb. 71 production date. Silver with black interior, E88 head, A/C, 4 speed, American Racing slotted mags.

The Car is Located in Maryland, Near Washington, DC.

The previous owner bought the car in 1993 from the original owner and drove it for 6 months before parking it in his garage due to a bad clutch. This car has been sitting in a dry garage for the past 11 years. Amazingly, it has very little rust and would make for an excellent hybrid, restoration or race car. I wish I could keep it but I have too many projects.

The car has very little rust. I inspected it today (12/04/04) and took a lot of pictures of all the common rust areas. Here are the findings: Battery tray and under the battery have some surface rust. The frame rail under the battery has some surface rust. The bottom of the front fenders has some surface rust. The drivers floorboard has some surface rust but no holes. Very solid. The passenger floorboard is the worst of the entire car. It seems that maybe the heater core or the A/C must have had a leak at some time. It has some areas that look like they would be small holes if you started to pick at them. You should figure this area will need attention. The rockers are solid. The doglegs are solid. The rear quarters are solid. The flat rear panel in the hatch area has some surface rust at the edges.

The Interior is in OK to fair condition. The entire inside is dirty and needs a good scrubbing. It smells of mildew. The dash is very good. One small crack in the center on top (2-3" long) and a small nick next to the clock. The door panels are good except for they will need a major cleanup. The chrome strips on the door panels are peeling off. The carpet is old and frayed. The drivers seat has several tears on the seat bottom. The vinyl on the trans tunnel and the rear wheelwells seems good.

I do not have anywhere to store this car inside and it is a shame to leave it outside over the winter. I want it to go to a good home where it will be loved and cared for. I am not in a hurry to sell it and I do not need the money. The Pics I took are in a very large format so I will get them posted soon. I can email them but if you don't have a broadband connection it will take forever to download them.

Please email me with any questions qwik510@aol.com or call me at 301-651-7788 9AM to 10PM eastern time.

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Figured I would post this here too:


Seeing that I am the seller of the car, I figure I should comment on all the talk that has taken place so far.

The car is an east coast car and they do tend to bring more that the west coast because of several reasons. Mainly there are not too many left here on the east coast. If you wanted a west coast car here on the east coast it would cost you $1000 or so to ship it here. Also, I don't know about you but I probably would not buy a car without seeing it first so add another $300 or so for a RT plane ticket to Cali and a few hundred more for a hotel and food and a rental for a few days while you go around and look at cars. So this adds about $1500 to the price of a Cali car. You guys out west are spoiled. So if you take off the $1500 then this car would be $2000 in Cali. Also, The price has just been reduced to $2950 or Best Offer so that puts it at $1450 in Cali.

I currently own a rust free 72 240Z from Cali

(see it here:http://www.cardomain.com/id/qwik240z) that I spent almost a year looking for (thanks Carl Beck)

and I have several other Datsuns now and have owned several other 240Z's in the past. I am not an expert but I do have enough knowledge of them to know where the common rust areas are and I have inspected these areas on this car and shown them in the pictures I provided. If I had gotten this 240Z that is for sale prior to starting my swap on my current 240Z, I would have used it myself as I know it is a solid starting point. When I was shopping for a 240Z for myself, I looked at many Z's in this area and didn't find one that was solid enough for me.

As for the condition of this car, Most of the rust is surface rust. The kind that can be removed with a wire brush. It appears to look worse in the pictures. As stated in my description, the passenger floorboard will need to be worked on but other then that the rust appears to be surface rust.

As for the body, it is realatively straight. It does have a new hood on it and the doors, fenders and rear quarters are good. All the glass is good too.

The interior is very dirty but it is all there. The drivers seat is torn but the rest appears to be all together. The dash is mostly good. No cover on it. There is a 3 inch crack on top in the center and a small nick next to the clock. The carpet is shot and will need to be replaced.

As to getting it running, I would plan on flushing the fuel system, cooling system and brake lines, clean the carbs, change the oil, trans and diff fluid, change the plugs, get a fresh battery and disassemble, clean and reassemble the brakes. Then once I got it running, I would replace the clutch as this is the reason it was parked.

The price has just been reduced to $2950 or best offer as I really don't want it to sit out all winter. Hey, I could donate it to a charity and take a $5000 tax writeoff for it. NADA low value shows $5500 for a 240Z and you can deduct up to $5000 without an appraisal.

This car would make a great Hybrid, Race Car or Restoraton Project.

If you are serious, make an offer.

See the car and info here:Check out both links!

See the car and info here:


More pics and info here: http://members.cardomain.com/eastcoast240zp2

Let me know if you need more info.

Enjoy the Ride!


Project Silver Bullet

72 Datsun 240Z

5.7L LS1 Powered V8



72 Datsun 510 2 DR 3.5L V8


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I am on the east coast and 3500 is about 100 to 1500 to high for the car with the shape it is in from the pictures.

If the floor pans are showing signs of rust you can only imagine what the rest of the undercarriage looks like.

Plus, it's not even running?!?!

You should really compare apples to apples and not apples to oranges!

You might would want to sell it on Ebay, not on an enthusiast site in the present condition and asking price.

Good Luck!

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A couple other notes:

This is not a series I as it is advertised. Series I cars had the E31 head not the E88, they aslo had the vented hatch which this one does not, they had the 240Z sail badges which this one does not, etc, etc.

Secondly, in addition to the mentioned repair work you will also be looking at MANY new rubber pieces such as hoses, belts, and seals not to mention that anything that is greased should be re-greased (steering, suspension, etc), new tires are almost certainly required too. Dry rot will set in over 11+ years of non-use and cause more problems than you think. This is a project car and will need a lot of TLC and as a project car it's worth more like $1000-1500 (in it's current condition).

Now for donating it and taking the $5000 write-off...yes, you can do this but you will have to live with yourself and for this action. It's really very unethical and immoral to donate something with a market value of say $1000 and claim it to be worth $5000. If it were really worth $5k then you'd be better off selling it as the tax deduction will show you a smaller return. I also think that the IRS would be really interested in how a non-running car could be worth $5k as a donation (don't create any reason for them to audit you!).

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