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Neglected Nissans (Beware! Non-Z Content)


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Found this while randomly searching around... there are some great Japanese websites around. Pity (for me) they're in Japanese! Anyway, thought some might be interested to see what happens when you leave a Cedric alone for 15 years.


Click on the link at the bottom of the page to see more.

Hmm! Also found this link which has brochure covers for a lot of Datsuns (mainly the bluebird - I was thinking of you Chris (ZKid))


Anybody else find any cool links recently and would like to share? :bunny:

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Bill, I dont think it's a 240K - the window looks more like a Mazda RX4 or something, but the roofline is not RX4. I don't think it's a 180B either! I was then thinking maybe a Toyota Corolla Sport Coupe, but it doesn't look quite right and the boot seems a bit long. So.. err.. i dunno




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