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Need help again lol


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Ok, i just undid every bolt from the oil pan (great fun). But now i cant seem to get the thing off. I whacked it, and whacked it but the damn thing wont budge. I am positive every bolt is off. I even tried kicking it, and nothing. Any tips? Also, how should i go about getting the crankshaft pulley off so i can take off the front cover? Everything is off except for the pulley. Whenever i go to loosen the bolt, all it does is turn the crankshaft. Is there any way i can somehow lock the crank to get this off? Thanks a bunch guys

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I always loosen that huge crank pulley bolt before I take the transmission and driveshaft out of the car. I put the trans in 4th or 5th gear, set the E-brake to keep the engine from rotating easily and loosen the bolt. Then I use a pulley puller to remove the pulley/dampner from the crank. If you have the trans disconnected from the engine, wait until the oil pan is removed and then wedge a piece of wood between a crankshaft counter-weight and the side of the block to keep the crank from rotating and you will be able to loosen the bolt

As for the oil pan, be 100% positive that ALL bolts are removed and keep whacking it with a rubber or soft mallet. The pan can be really stuck tightly. Don't pry with a screw driver as you'll bend the lip of the pan and will have a hard time getting a good seal when the pan is reinstalled. If you have to, use a very wide putty knife or something like that to pry the pan from the block while whacking it. You want to spead the force to as wide of an area as you can.

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Thanks allot. Ill try the putty knife thingy tommorow. My dad just found a giant sledge in the garage. I think its a bit overkill, but we'll see. As for the crank pulley. I'm going to have to wait till I get the pan off because my car is an automatic anyways. (dont worry, swappage will be goings on pretty soon) Thanks though. Guess its just gonna take a little effort. Maybe im just too damn skinny to do the job LOL.

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