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Replacing suspension bushings

norcal z

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On the e-mail list, there was some discussion regarding replacing/not replacing certain bushings, such as the lower control arm bushings. The consensus seemed to be that they did not need to be replaced if they looked ok or weren't obviously bad (if this is not correct, I'm sure someone will jump in here -no problem) redface.gif

My question is, although my suspension experience is with American cars, is there something inherently different with the z-car that you wouldn't want to replace all the bushings, including LCAs? Or is it more a matter of not having ready access to a press to do the job? And certainly, replacing these without one IS a major PITA, I know!

I can't imagine that 28 yr. old rubber can still function as it was designed, which is to reduce noise & vibrations from being transmitted through the suspension.

I'd like to hear what others have to say about this.

FWIW, my intention was to replace all the bushings with like rubber ones, rather than going poly. This old body of mine gets enough bouncing when I race, and this car serves as a co-daily driver (sharing that duty with my Jeep ZJ).


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[This message has been edited by norcal z (edited 04-28-2000).]

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I think the main reason people are hesitant about replacing the lower control arm bushings is because the can be very difficult to get out. I do it myself, but most people take them to have them pressed out. I have seen control arms bent, or trashed simply because the person pressing the bushings out made a mistake. I just replaced all the bushings in my 71 series 1 I have. All it takes is patience, and an air chisel. First take a small drill bit and drill out as much of the rubber in between the steel inserts. Use vice grips to rip out the inner one, then use the air chisel with a straight bit to roll the outer sleeve into the center. Spray it with WD-40 and continue to roll the sleeve inward, sometimes all it takes it getting the swaged lip bent in and the sleeve just drops out. Sometimes it may need to be split, but they will come out. I replaced all of my bushings with urethane, be sure to use plenty of grease inside and outside or they will squeak.

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