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FS: Tokico Illuminas and Alcon brakes


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I have few items for sale. Email me if interested. -guycali

1. New Tokico Illumina adjustable 240Z rear struts

Brand new BZ3016 one pair (2 struts). Fits 240Z/early 260Z. $240+shipping.

2. Used good 87-89 MR2 Tokico Illumina adjustable struts

Two sets of BZ3099 (2 struts per set) available, $120/set + shipping. Perfect for 240Z fronts with coilovers. Good used condition.

3. New Alcon NASCAR 4-piston aluminum front brake calipers

Perfect for those custom monster garage project! 1.75" and 1.875" differential pistons. One of the 1.75" piston was missing so a similar Wilwood piston was fitted. The Wilwood piston has a thinner thickness than the original Alcon piston so you may want to replace it with original Alcon part. These calipers are designed to fit 1"-1.25" thick 13"+ rotors but will fit 1.5" thick ones too. The calipers have no part numbers so I can't really give you any more detail. Sorry about that. One set of Alcon pads are included, #7712.99.25.04. They have been dyno bedded and had one race on them. The mounting ears will need to be milled and drilled and custom fit for your purposes. Obviously they'll require a set of custom mounts too. I got these along with a parts car so that's all I know. I've heard each calipers retailed for $500/ea. You can get both at a tremendous saving here. $400/set + shipping.




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