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Philosophical discusion on build dates

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Originally posted by mdbrandy

Hey, Andrew, if you go on a production binge, I'd take a set as well. Who cares about judges - these are our cars!

originally posted by 26th-z

Andrew, count me in on the fabrication deal. Let me know if I can do anything to help.


I'll let you know how things progress. If I manage to make a passable set of seat protectors I see no problem in making more:classic:

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On 2004-05-26 at 8:18 AM, kats said:

Hi 26th-Z and all of you,

I apologize that I made a big mistake.I have seen TWO different licences.NOT 3,I am sorry for this.




You may be correct in seeing 3 different numbers.

My guess is that the test team could legally driver around the USA in '69 with the DLR 2177 California dealer plates but in order to drive the car across the border into Canada, they needed a more permanent plate thus the requirement to formally register and licence the vehicle in California.  The two cars probably have different plate numbers in the Canadian pictures.

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Very interesting on that plate.  I have a postcard (printed 3-68) showing the new 510 with the very same plate.


Bonzi Lon

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31 minutes ago, 240260280 said:

I think it is/(maybe was) a California thing where the number on the licence is unique to each dealer and many cars on the road with the same plate number is manageable.

 It was a Washington thing back then. Dealers had a pile of plates for temporary use.

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