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What other seat fit a 73 240Z

Robert Wultsch

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Hi, Robert, and welcome to the group! I think I've seen an answer to this question on the e-mail list, so let me do some checking and I'll post back here.



Gary P

'72 240z - 5 spd., Crane Cams elec. ignition mod, BFG Comp TAs (needs tlc)

'97 JGC Laredo - K&N filter mod, Don-A-Vee TB spacer, factory skids/front tow hooks, Con-Ferr roof rack

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OK, Robert, I found what I was searching for. I'll cut and paste the relevant parts of several posts to the e-mail list from the past year, for future reference here. It looks like Rob probably has the best suggestions, but I'll also include some comments from Kyle & Manny, as well.



from: 240z-club-digest V3 #266

Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 09:00:53 -0400

From: Rob Roy

Subject: Re: <240z-club> eagle talon seats


If you are considering a seat swap, please check out the seats from either

a CRX or Civic SI. I got seats from an '88, but other close years will

work. The Civic versions have better fabric, otherwise the same. They are

as low and as light as stock Z seats, have excellent side bolsters and

under-thigh support and are generally cheap. THey look terrific, and the

velour is cool in the summer and cozy in the winter. All you need to

install them is a flat piece of metal for the rear to make a bridge across

the stock Z floor supports because the stock Honda tracks are just a bit

wider than a Zs. You'll also need a Dremel or other cutting tool to remove

the stock Honda bolt loops in the front and to cut a bolt clearance notch

in the outside rear supports. I swapped my seats left/right so that the

recline adjusting knob didn't press against the seatbelt at full rearward

position. Except for the Dremel tool, all you'll need is an electric drill

to make new mounting holes.

BTW, I carefully measured and considered every bucket seat in five

different junkyards before coming to the conclusion that the Honda seats

were THE seat to use in a Z.

WARNING: Some years Honda put the outside track flat on the floor and the

inside track higher - on the side of the "driveshaft" hump. You do not want

these seats, despite the fact that the rest of the seat is identical to

what I've described. You want seats with both tracks flat on the floor. I

paid $125 for two in excellent condition. YMMV.


and a couple more comments from Rob:

from: 240z-club-digest V3 #401

Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001 14:24:45 -0500

From: Rob Roy

Subject: Re: <240z-club> performance upgrade


My last suggestion for low buck improvement is to toss the stock

seats and get some from a late 80s Honda CRX SI or Civic SI. These

seats are light, easy to install, easy to find, cheap to buy, don't

raise your head height and feel really, really great! They have

support under the thighs, in the small of the back, and at the side

bolsters that makes the driving experience soooo much better. You'll

feel like a runner who got out of loose leather wingtips and into

new, snug Air Jordans. Autocrossers will tell you that for the

quickest time, the driver's body has to be immobilized -- impossible

on slick, flattened, unsupportive, 27-year-old stock seats!


Here's Kyle's comments regarding Talon seats:

from: 240z-club-digest V3 #265

Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 15:43:02 -0700

From: "Kyle Hagemann"

Subject: Re: <240z-club> eagle talon seats

from ernie ruiz


> Has anybody put the Eagle Talon seats in their Z?


> If so what year did they come from and will eclipse

> seats work?

I got 91's, AFAIK... Laser/Eclipse/Talon is all the same.

BUT - they're a MAJOR PITA to install. If you're over 5'3",

you'll have to *completely* remove the stock seat brackets,

fore and aft, and bolt the seats directly to the floor.

Too bad, too. They'll line up with the stock mounting

provisions, but the seats are so tall, your head will be

thru the roof. :-(

If I had a time machine, I'd wind it back and NOT do it.

I'd get the stock seats refurbished.



And finally, here's what Manny had to say:

from: 240z-club-digest V3 #320

Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 15:48:10 GMT

From: "Manuel C"

Subject: <240z-club> <L6> Starion Leather Seats...

- -- Group Message from "Manuel C"

Good Morning,

After installing my new wheels...I decided to go back to my stock seats. I have a pair of Starion Leather seats that are available to a good cause (any proud z owner). They have adjustable head-rests, with Lumbar and side

bolster dials.

The Passenger side is in Vgood shape, the Driver side needs some work. I used adapter plates and only made two holes (front rail) for the install.

I would not recommend them for anyone taller than 5.10, you will loose some

adjust-ability sliding back.


[This message has been edited by norcal z (edited 02-19-2001).]

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  • 8 years later...

Mazda Miata seats work GREAT in a Z. I bought a set of used seats from a kid that upgraded his Miata to leather. The seats bolted into my '72 with just a little bit of modification (if I remember, I only had to drill a couple holes in the mounting area for the seats on each side of my Z). I used standard washers as spacers to raise the seats a little and also to adjust them to get the correct tilt.

Best wishes,


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