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A little praise for a fellow memeber


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I just wanted to mention this to everyone!!! I think 2ManyZs sould get a round of applause, from everyone, for his regular and knowlegable contributions (posts) toward helping members with their questions. I am always amazed with the depth of his knowledge about our loved ones (Z cars). Anyway, thanks 2ManyZs!!!!

P.S. There are other contributors with equal knowledge that deserve recognition as well......it's just that 2ManyZs was upper most in my mind.

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Personally I owe Enrique about $232323273981729837012391276391723.23 in diagnostic time (typing up awesome, detailed and down-to-earth responses about my car's electrical woes). When all is said and done, I'm totally buying him a part for his car =D All in all...these forums rock! Can't wait till I know enough to start helping others :classic:

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Darn! You mean I could have CHARGED you?

muttter mutter dumb-guy :stupid: dumb-guy :stupid: mutter mutter

Thanks for the kind words.

Speaking for myself, and I presume all the other posters who take the time, it's nice to know that the advice we post is indeed HELPFUL!

It helps in knowing that what we diagnose, based on (sometimes) poor and seemingly unconnected data is in fact correct. Additionally, it gives us that warm fuzzy feeling knowing that there's a Z out there that is going to last that little bit longer thanks to our input.

So to all of you who have benefited from something I or anyone of the other posters has put out there, post a reply to the effect of how it did or did not solve the problem. That way, as other Z owners peruse the archives, they will know that you had the same problem and that it got fixed by what was posted. Then, if they feel they need more info, they can contact you or the person who responded.

Admit it, we like talking about our cars. Talking about the cars sometimes involves "Oh yeah! I had that problem too and here's how I fixed it." Sharing that type of info can spawn some of the most interesting discussions yet.

So, let's also hear it from the responders. What would you like people to say, do, describe, with regards to their cars, problems etc.

Again, thanks Gema. I'm glad that you've avoided and resolved problems.

Enrique Scanlon

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I have to agree with Enrique, assuming I fit within his presumption, I am more than happy to help someone with a problem that I have had experience taking care of. I do take joy at spotting Zs on trips and around town, and hoping maybe a post of mine has helped get it on the road. I have fully restored 23 early Z cars-getting ready to start #24-and I still get goose bumps-and the urge to get my hands dirty-when I see a Z wip on the road!

The more detail, the better, and post pictures and notes-sometimes advice comes from memory, and details are not always finely placed! Your take might just make it easier for the next one reading the post!


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