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Interchangable Head Components


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I'd like to know what head components are interchangable between all L series engines from the Z cars (i.e. E88, E31, N42, N47, P79, P90, etc)? Obviously the valve cover is but how about the cam, cam towers, valve springs, etc? I'm asking because I have a complete P79 head that I have listed on 3 forums including this site and nobody has expressed any interest, as I expected, so I'm wondering if there's any value in taking it apart and selling the smaller parts of it mentioned above.

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Originally posted by ZmeFly

You would be better off.

There's one on there now for $0.99 and NO bids! I really don't want to have to toss it in the trash but it seems as though if I do not it will sit in my garage for ever. :(

I wonder if the core is worth anything!? :ermm:

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P79 heads are a dime a dozen at the wrecking yard, Maybe that's why you can't move yours. as far as the parts being interchangeable I belive that the P79 valves are .80 thou shorter than the other heads and the valve diameter is bigger than the E88 and e31 heads. Now if you had a P90 that had been shaved and with a sporty cam you could probably sell that. How much is aluminum getting per pound these days?LOL Sorry dude. just teasing ya

Rock on Z people


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