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help on pricing please....


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I found a '73 240 which is supposed to be straight (no accidents)with very little rust....just the bottom of one door. It's been kept in a garage for a number of years but runs well. The problem is is that it needs paint cosmetic work and some new wheels (it's got really ugly ones now). Unfortunately I can't check the car out myself but was going to have it delivered to my brothers house if I buy it sight unseen and pick it up next week.

Basically I'm looking for a straight car that I can bulid up to as my fun toy to take to open track days and autocrosses and this looks like it might be a good base to start with.

My question is, what would be a good price for this car in good mechanical condition.

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You can check the NADA guide or their website (Hemmings).


It depends also on how bad you want the car..

Mine is pricey, 7000$US, but very straight.. Anyway, since these cars are rare in Canada (especially in Qubec), we have to pay the price for a good one.



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Well, if it is running and in fairly decent mechanical shape and just needs mostly cosmetic work it could be anywhere from a low of $1,000 up to more than you want to spend. A genuine rust bucket parts car could be worth 500 if it had a lot of original parts. How much is he asking?? That's the main question.

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