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  1. Sort of related.... I own zride.com and zrides.com if anyone is interested.
  2. ’96 4Runner SR5 - 3.4L V6 Engine 4 Speed Automatic w/ overdrive 2 wheel drive 113,000 miles One owner – clean title Location: Visalia, CA (between Bakersfield & Fresno) Mostly highway miles, very clean and well maintained. Selling to make room for a new Z. Recent timing belt and brake service. Details at www.fourten.net email: 4runner@fourten.net Frank
  3. About $1100 and is including a 5 speed tranny that he got from the previous owner. I'd love to get it to be like your ITS cars....
  4. I found a '73 240 which is supposed to be straight (no accidents)with very little rust....just the bottom of one door. It's been kept in a garage for a number of years but runs well. The problem is is that it needs paint cosmetic work and some new wheels (it's got really ugly ones now). Unfortunately I can't check the car out myself but was going to have it delivered to my brothers house if I buy it sight unseen and pick it up next week. Basically I'm looking for a straight car that I can bulid up to as my fun toy to take to open track days and autocrosses and this looks like it might be a good base to start with. My question is, what would be a good price for this car in good mechanical condition.
  5. Howdy, Welcome aboard, I'm kind of new here myself but so far found it to be a great resource. I'm going to drop a donation to the site as soon as I get a 240....that's right, I don't have a 240. I had a '70 240 which was wrecked years ago (not my fault) and got a '91 240sx after that. I then traded up to a '90 300zx twin turbo. We're now considering selling the twin turbo and finding a classic 240 to work on....ahhhh the simple things (anything is simple compared to the twin turbo engine).
  6. I like it a lot...nice work! Didn't know Chrysler was recalling all those vehicles until today...
  7. Great job on the new theme....very clean looking!
  8. Brandon, nice car!!! I like your site too, I've bookmarked so I can be inspired when I need a pick me up.
  9. Zlish, thanks for the link, it is actually www.ZONC.org, not .com. I found it anyway. I found a few that I've called on but they just haven't worked out yet. I'm either going the good running stock w/ bad paint job route or good running built up for more $$$. Just a matter of finding the right one for the right price. I'll keep you posted.
  10. "Sophisticated occupations", interesting thought, are we just folks that are smart enough to own 240's or smart because of that fact we have 240's and have to figure all the tech stuff out?
  11. I'm just starting to get into it. I have a '90 twin turbo which I don't want to use since I'm planning on selling it. I had a '70 240 years ago that was wrecked and always loved the car. I thought about getting one for autocrossing and some days at the tracks but thought the age of the car may come into play. Also considering a '91 - 93 Toyota MR2 for the age reason. I'm not really sure which way to go on this since there seem to be so many mods to a lot of the 240's I've looked at. I'd like to add suspension adn wheels but keep the enging a stock 4 speed.
  12. Thanks for the information Royce. I appreciate the detailed response. I'll do some further investigation.
  13. Just wondering if anyone is autocrossing their Z? I'm interested in the setup you have and the pros / cons of the performance.
  14. I'm Frank, 33 with an 8 month old girl. Work in the financial research industry. Had a '70 240z years (and years) ago. Wrecked when an unlicensed driver made a left turn in front of me. Had a '91 240sx that was later traded in for a '90 Twin Turbo. Love that car. My dad has it now and we are thinking of selling it. Working on finding a 240z again to Autocross and take to some track outings here in California and Nevada. By the way I live in Central California. Hey, Zlish, maybe I'll see you out there soon!
  15. Good advice, Zlish, thanks! I'm passing on this one and keeping my eyes open. Problem is, the first Autocross event of the season is two weeks away and I don't have a car yet! I thought about taking the 300 twin turbo out to it but don't want to risk any damage on it not to mention the tire wear given it will be up for sale soon. Maybe I need to get a rental car for the day!
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