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Hey Mike,

as i go in & out of the chatroom, i rarely am there at the same time as others. So i was thinking, if you had some counter or indicator of some sort to show if/how many people are in a chat room when you log in, maybe we would all find one another in there..

i am Not a computer guy, so i don't know if its a feasible option.

feel free to straighten me out if necessary!

Take it easy.

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To those of you who don't know, there is a way to monitor the chatroom. If you log in and don't find anyone there, click on the push pin icon under exit. Then exit the chatroom and while you are on the main page you will have a box in your tool bar that will tell who ( if any) log into the chatroom. It works well if you remember to look on your toolbar once in a while to see if anyone has logged in. ;)

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Well, who likes needles anyway?? Good thing you aren't an MD. LOL

BTW, I have monitored the chatroom when you were online to see if you logged into the chatroom but you never did. Hmmm.....

And I'm not that smart, Mike told me about it one of the first times I chatted with him in there. Funny thing is, I hardly ever see him in there now.:confused:

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