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Stock Horse Power


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I'm sure you folks have been over this more than once, but since i'm new to this forum I'll ask again.

I've read on many a sight they stock H.P. ratings for the Z cars. I'm mostly concerned with the 1970-1978 models as that's what i may end up buying. I want POWER as much stock as i can get. I know weight ratio plays a factor as well. Anyway I got my used Chilton's manual in the mail today and notice the posted H.P. ratings for the engines being as follows.

1970-73 151@5600 RPM

1974 162@5600 RPM

1975-78 170@5600 RPM

The 1970-73 H.P. rating looks right, but the 2 others look wrong.

I've seen elsewhere the 260z having 139 and the 280z having 149.

Although I do remember my 260z having the H.P. rating stamped under the hood at 162 somewhere i think.

I know the later cars went up in weight to compensate for emmisions and crap, but are these figures right?

Also what small things can one do to crank out a few more horse power without major changes to the car? How much can you squeeze from a exhaust sytem change?

Enlighten me


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I'm not a guru, but a good exhaust system with headers is said to be good for about 10 hp.

If you're not concerned with the smog emissions, you can drop the smog pump that gobs a lot of power for nothing (maybe 5hp max???)

(mine is gone on my Z, removed by the previous onwer).

Some K'N filter will help the engine to breathe better instead of the OEM air box..

My 0,02$ Canadian!:cool:

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Those figures are actually pretty correct IIRC

The trouble is that about when the 260Z came out they changed the way they measured BHP from gross to nett SAE ratings..

But yeah the 240Z was the fastest until the 280ZX turbo - which is ugly so whaddayagunnado?

The 280Z gained about 500lbs from the 240Z.

So all in all, the 240Z is the fastest of the non-ugly cars ;)

Which is why I have one :D

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the reason the 240 has higher HP numbers is because its 151 HP at the Crank, something like 120 at the wheels.

When you see HP ratings, the big numbers are always at the crank for old cars, its becuase they would post these numbers, people would come flocking...blah blah blah

But the goverentment cracked down and said they had to post REAL numbers, and thats where you see the 121s, and 139s, and 145 ( for the Zx )


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