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  1. Thank you for your help! That's good advice. This State, with the salt water everwhere it's a wonder any Z can last here at all. I'm not on a big budget so maybe I can work something out. It definately a Z that can be saved, but would need some immediate work done. I guess I'm used to looking at the price of 240's too long. What's with the 170 Hp stamp on the engine bay anyway? I thought it's 149 HP? It's that conversion isn't it.
  2. Yeh I would if the selection was better here in Maine, but I would not even pay close to that amount. I was thinking more along the lines of between $1000 to $1200, is that too much?
  3. O.k. I would like to drop the specs on the car the best I can and get some input on it's purchase price value. I know I don't have any pics yet, but thought the old time z nuts here could pretty much get an idea from description. -Had new rear end welded on because of damage, but looks like it was done professionally. -170K original miles -Manual tranny -After market speakers in door panels no original radio just a kenwood. -Seats look like normal wear for the age. -Rust- will eventually need floor pan kit, driver side has a hole about the size of a personal pan pizza, rails solid, has had pat
  4. You suck! Mr. Free Z! Just joking of course (hope that wasn't too harsh for this forum) Looks really quite nice from what pictures you posted. No cracked dash! I bet you will enjoy it greatly. Have fun in your new Z!
  5. Found the new Z-cars Calendar by Dan Lyons for 2002 at the last place i ever thought i would, Walmart. Pretty neat!
  6. Keystone must be it, i've heard of them. Anyway, the wheels and the engine were the best, anyway fun talking about it.Still searching for a combo loan that will take care of the bills and leave me some z money.
  7. Possibly all of the fore-mentioned. Here is a 280z on ebay that has very similiar wheels on it. the slots go flat where it meets theoutside of the rim just like these. Hope this helps.
  8. I went next door to my house and found a 72 240z sitting there in the yard. Well i took a drive over and asked the women about the car, and she say's yeh i'll sell it for $1000 because of the "stone" wheels on it because you can't find them anymore. Is this a name brand or what? I've never heard of them. Then as she headed inside she dropped the price by $500. The car has cancer in the best places, and bodo in others. The engine looked about the best part on it. You guy's ever heard of these wheels. They look similar to the ones I posted a picture of before on that orange z.
  9. sounds sketchy huh? what did you end up buying?
  10. 2 great links, Thanks guys i'm already checking those pages! What's the asking price on that car geo?
  11. Thank you for thinking of me axrph, but I beleive the car is listed to be in Portland Oregon, not Portland Maine? You get an "A" for effort though, for keeping your eye's open for me. Thanks again.
  12. I'm sure you folks have been over this more than once, but since i'm new to this forum I'll ask again. I've read on many a sight they stock H.P. ratings for the Z cars. I'm mostly concerned with the 1970-1978 models as that's what i may end up buying. I want POWER as much stock as i can get. I know weight ratio plays a factor as well. Anyway I got my used Chilton's manual in the mail today and notice the posted H.P. ratings for the engines being as follows. 1970-73 151@5600 RPM 1974 162@5600 RPM 1975-78 170@5600 RPM The 1970-73 H.P. rating looks right, but the 2 others look wrong. I
  13. Thanks all for the wealth of info you have provided me about the wheels, rims, mags and any other slang i can throw at ya! I do appreciate your knowledge, I know alot of you have probably spent more time than I ever will researching this stuff. 2ManyZs, I'm am currently looking for a Z to buy, and then options like other wheels after, as i can afford them. I will certainly keep them in mind if you want to sell them in the near future if they are still available at that time. If you wouldn't mind emailing me a price you had in mind as well that would be cool. What is the max. size tire those wi
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