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Removing heavy bumper

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Wanted to get reproduction Japanese Fairlady Z Gille Mesh, I remove front bumper to see the capability. Also plan to mount 240z bumper.


After removing bumper, the front height is raised a lot.

It's more complicated to remove valence compare with 240z.

280z got extra metal plate for bumper mounting position that prevent direct mount for 240z bumper.

I thought Datsun Spirits blog used to have photo of the metal plate removal, but he deleted blog post. So don't know how much metal I should remove from frame....

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What are you planning to do with the valence?

The 280Z leaves a big open area under the bumper and the 240Z doesnt fit without a lot of work. The front cross member drops down too low for the 240Z valence.

I am playing with the same idea, but decided to finish some of the other projects on the car before going further. Might buy an air dam after the summer and work on it further.


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Hi Chas,

I will remove extra metal from 280z and mount original 240z bumper frame.

I got MSA Type1 spoiler for 240z already.

Currently, I'm working on suspension and brake and try to make this car as running condition at first.

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