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  1. EDIT: Thanks to Patcon for the notifications to us locals! I might not have seen this thread in time to offer assistance.
  2. I did meet with the seller of this car yesterday, gave it a look over, test drive and responded back to notWes. The car needs work, no doubt, but it has a solid foundation to work with; some minor rust bubbling in only a couple of spots and some other minor paint imperfections that will require a complete strip-down and repaint later. Similarly, there were some minor mechanical issues that will need attention, but it can be driven and enjoyed right now as the seller has been doing. I thought that the seller presented the car honestly and accurately, although he isn't as knowledgeable (or, fanatical?) as most of us are about z cars. Since the auction has ended early this morning, hopefully notWes will stop back in here to let us know.
  3. Hi there, notWes, and welcome to the forum! I'd be happy to go check the car out for you. By chance, is it a '71 silver automatic? I'll shoot you a PM and we can chat. Gary norcal z in SoCal
  4. Hello Mike, 


    You joined this club on my 35th birthday and live in the same town as my daughter, so I will reach out with a question:

      My name is Darrin Jones. I am a newbie here. I am seriously thinking of buying a 1978 280Z that has been made into a convertible. Wanting to get a real Z car guy's opinion first.  will attach a few photos:

    I went to look at this car and was surprised. It seemed in better shape than I hoped it would be. 

    Please call IF convenient. I am on the road from Amarillo, TX to Albuquerque, NM and then down to Tucson, AZ.then SOB

    (256) 214-0633 cell

    Thanks - D.J.




  5. Hey, Mike, as Chris said, welcome to the club and congrats on your purchase! I understand your comment about being concerned about driving a car that's too nice; I'd also rather have one that I don't worry about driving. Good luck with it, start a thread and post lots of pics as you sort through it and make it yours.
  6. Mike, yes, it was the orange '71. I came in on the broadcast after it had begun, so I don't know who the guys in the booth were. It was on NBCSN.
  7. Agreed, that isn't much for a pretty nice looking Z. But as we know, automatics don't fetch the prices of standard tranny cars all other things being equal, so I think that should be expected. Anyway, the guy who gave the shout-out was closing out the other guy bickering over it being an auto, so I thought it was pretty cool. The context was that if you wanted information about Zs, go to the forum.
  8. As I write this, I'm watching a condensed "special" 1 hour broadcast of the August 18-20, 2016 Mecum Auctions Monterrey 2016. There was a red '71 240Z (had the louvered rear hatch) that just rolled across the stage, and while the auction for it was progressing, two of the broadcast crew were more or less bickering about it being an automatic and therefore didn't fetch a very high price (I think it went for around $10K; looked really sharp, though). Anyway, as the hammer came down, one of them gave a shout-out to the Classic Zcar Forums as the place to go for everything about Zs. Kinda cool, I thought!
  9. I'm pretty sure that I had registered mine years ago, but it's not on any of those lists: VIN: HLS30-66377 Engine: L24 Build Date: 2/72 Original Exterior Color: 904 White Current Exterior Color: white Original Interior Color: Red Current Interior Color: black Original Transmission: 4 Speed Manual Current Transmission: 5 Speed Manual Location: Huntington Beach, CA (in storage,not running)
  10. Thanks geezer and SteveJ - checked it with IE and FF! I wasn't able to get the MSA discount a couple of weeks ago when I was in there, but will be able to next time. Wow, guess I've been around here for a loooong time, although I haven't posted much (56).
  11. OR, you could patronize a forum sponsor, Motorsport Auto. They have quite a few to chose from:
  12. On my '81, yes, one of the two small vacuum hoses goes to the Automatic Speed Control Device (ASCD) servo valve:
  13. A Google search came up 2 addresses: the first was from a complaint filed on Ripoff back in mid 2012 - ATK North America/Gearhead Engines, 1102 W. North Carrier Pkwy Suite 100, Grand Prarie, TX 75050-1115. The second was from the website, with 2 out of 4 repondents filing complaints (the other 2were positive). The business location in those reports was here in Orange County, CA: Gearhead Engines, Inc., 23191 La Cadena Drive Suite 103. Laguna Hills, CA 92656. The search also showed that this company apparently sells most or all brands of engines - Ford, Chevy, Mazda, etc. Admittedy, 5 reports is a very small sample size, but with 3 out of 5 reports being negative, I don't think I'd buy from them even though Laguna Hills is only a few miles away from me. If and when you do hear back, please do post up.
  14. I don't know if they're available, but you could try Courtesy Nissan in Texas; I've ordered mechanical parts from them. lists a couple of used knobs in brown; you could check with them on the condition.
  15. Well, the Zcar bug bit me again, so I had to find a cure. You see, my ’72 hasn’t been driveable for the past 6 years, after blowing the head gasket. It needs a total rebuild on not only the engine, but everything else, too. Having left the NorCal Bay Area and and moved to SoCal into a HOA (that’s really a 4 letter word!) five years ago, I can’t perform any major repairs and the poor 240 has been parked outdoors. So for the past year or so I’ve been watching Ebay and craigslist, checking the prices to see where the market was at. And since I’m not as young as I used to be, I decided that a 280 zx was more suited to what I was looking for. I found this nice ’81zx in the Oakland area last week, and flew up to look at it and make the purchase yesterday. I bought it from the original owner, who is now in her mid 70s and having had knee surgery, can’t drive the 5 speed any longer. It has just over 87K on the odometer, turning that milestone as I drove it home. Most services and repairs were done at a Nissan dealer, so except for the replacement seat covers (she told me that the original seats are still under the covers), it’s also in original condition. Her husband had kept a notebook in the glove box with notations on every service performed since it had about 8500 miles. I also got a manila envelope with most of the service records over this car’s life. OK, now for the pics. These first 4 are from the craigslist ad, so they’re small; the rest the seller sent me. My camera is apparently taking a vacation, so I couldn’t take any better ones today. The passenger side has 5-6 small door ding dents and quite a few paint chips, which you can’t see in this crappy photo, but they are there: The Driver’s side has a few paint chips, but no dents: The hood only has 2 tiny chips in the paint: The rear is almost perfect, with no chips or scratches: There is no rust anywhere on this car, and not even any corrosion under the battery tray. I don’t have a pic of that area, but here’s one generally of the engine bay, sent to me by the seller: Here’s the interior with the original floor mats; driver’s side is worn out, but the passenger side is like new: Once you take the floormats out, however, the carpet underneath looks new but is the original: Also of note is that the dash doesn’t have a crack on it. Here’s the rear cargo area: The car drives almost like it was new. The engine runs flawlessly, the suspension is tight and steers straight down the road with little effort in turns, there are no rattles or squeaks, and all the accessories work - cruise control, A/C, and even the stereo, although I think the speakers need to be replaced). For about the first hour coming home, I drove it between 55-65mph, but later pushed it on up to 70-75, and it cruised right along. Even coming over the Grapevine I was passing most everyone, maintaining 70mph. Guess that’s enough for now – I’m enjoying the ride!