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  1. 240zrubberparts project car

    I'm curious who's hard brake lines did you use? Did you buy new or did you replate your old ones? Also, same question for your door seals? Did you go with aftermarket or did you have NOS set aside? If you went with aftermarket, do you need to slam your doors?
  2. Rotisserie Mounting Points

    So MadKaw, for the fronts are you still planning to mount at the sway bar? That's really all I could think of but I would want to make sure I had a visibly good quality body & paint job around the sway bar mount points when I was finished. I have seen so many times, that area of the car is allowed to be rough when completed.
  3. 1973 Datsun 240Z Scarab

    This isn't some V8 swap done by a couple of rednecks in a shed over a weekend. I remember reading about these when I was a kid. It is a matter of finding the right buyer. I wish I didn't have a wife.
  4. Factory Welt

    I think that stuff doesn't use the factory welt. It is built into the weather-strip. Then if you try to force the factory welt over the top of the weather-strip, I suspect it will make it too thick. Then the door close issue comes back. I think?
  5. Factory Welt

    I realize there are few choices regarding the door weatherstrip. My research indicates Kia or Precision seems to be about it. Has anyone found anything that allows you to still use the factory welt strip around the doors? I need to replace my weather strip but I would like to keep the factory welt strip if possible. The car is a 1970. Thanks Gary
  6. 71 240z - Worth 4K

    I would love to have that car just for the parts alone. Put those parts in boxes and neatly store them away so that I will forget I have them. Then buy used crap ones on ebay. I love doing that. That doesn't sound right...
  7. I was reading through this got a little confused. My plan was to have the body shop blast and paint the inside and outside. Then install the windshield and rear hatch glass. Then I would get the car back and install the vinyl trim along the a-pillars, headliner, etc. Installing the dash was going to be one of the last steps. is it your recommendation to install the vinyl trim around the windows and install the headliner before the windshield and rear hatch are installed? Thanks
  8. [SOLD] WTB Stock Series 1 240Z

    Dang. Does anyone have a hook?
  9. [SOLD] WTB Stock Series 1 240Z

    This post is really getting out of hand. Now it has pornographic images. Orange or butterscotch? Appliance wheels? What kind of exhaust? Dang.
  10. [SOLD] WTB Stock Series 1 240Z

    Well this post got a little weird. Stick to what's right? Maybe we need to remember we are dealing with classic cars and not what to do with a nuclear North Korea?
  11. Water pump comparison

    I'm hurting my head thinking about this but assuming all other variables are correct, is it possible that the lower temp indicates that the new water pump is not moving as much water? Can that mean water is sitting in the radiator and being allowed to cool longer rather than circulating through the block? Shouldn't you take the temperature of the head or block instead?
  12. [SOLD] WTB Stock Series 1 240Z

    is the '71 in 905 red and factory paint? It looked like it had 20 years of dust on it so the paint must be factory? I have always wanted a car with the factory paint.
  13. [SOLD] WTB Stock Series 1 240Z

    Yes pics or it didn’t happen. Captain, isn’t it written in the forum rules somewhere? We need to validate it. Your new 240z could be an ‘92 Buick.
  14. [SOLD] WTB Stock Series 1 240Z

    Let me get this right. The 240z is the LAST car to add to your Datsun collection?
  15. 240zrubberparts project car

    Isn’t the plastic a vapor barrier to Prevent moisture inside the doors from reaching the door panels? I always thought if moisture got in the doors, I would want it to escape any way it could. And if the sheet metal could dry at the expense of the door panels, so be it. Am I looking at it wrong?