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  1. I suspect he went with the later style console because he swapped the transmission since the older style would no longer fit. Not working around a older console is one less thing for him to deal with. One post said he converted to a 5 speed and his console had no issues. How does that work? I trimmed a perfectly good old style console to get a type B to fit and regretted it every since. Now I have later style console until I try the cut+weld solution with a shift lever.
  2. OK to get the S30 wet?

    And don't forget those nice little folded welds that act as dirt shelves inside the front fenders. The cowl drains dump water right on those. Its a great way to hold moisture. But like others have said, drive it in the salt once and you will be able to watch it rust away. I had one of these as a daily driver back in '79 in northern Indiana. After 6 just Indiana winters, it should have gone to the scrap yard. I sure wish I had it now. It would have made a great parts car.
  3. Anyone seen this '71?

    No, I didn't try. Even though it is in a neighboring state, it was still quite a drive for me. I would feel like I need to inspect it first. Besides, I already have one potential project in the garage. No need to be tempted. I was curious if it even had a floor left in it. Those photos were terrible.
  4. I am curious if anyone has seen this car in person to know what kind of shape it was in? It seemed unusual that there were such poor quality photos as if it had a lot to hide. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-Datsun-Z-Series-/162699163067?hash=item25e1a035bb:g:nXUAAOSw3uBZuegM&vxp=mtr
  5. Bought # 4858

    I would like to cast a vote for your color choice. I have clean low mile car in great shape painted what I feel is the most attractive color for a 240z but my life wont be complete until I get a 918 orange one. I have an old rusty car I am considering taking the plunge on. It is the same lime green as yours. If I decide to go ahead, I gotta go with orange.
  6. Dash cracks

    My dash is in about the same shape as yours. I have thought about someday sending it off to justdashes but I have been concerned that it will get damaged in shipment so I probably never will. Personally, I would rather have the cracks than a dash cover.
  7. Coolant temperature

    I replaced my radiator with a 3 row and replaced my thermostat with a factory 180 degree. Before I made the change, my gauge would go all over the place. Now it gets to temp and stays there regardless of highway or city driving or ambient temp. Personally, I always thought the 2 row radiator was inadequate. One of my previous owners may have thought they were doing the car a favor by installing a 160 degree thermostat. Factory was 180. I also must confess my coolant looked like my morning coffee. I flushed, backflushed, etc, etc, probably 3 - 4 times this summer to get it cleaned out. I am sure that helped.
  8. Tracking down a Z

    These cars need a lot of attention to bring them back to how they were when new. I bought a '71 with 60k miles and the car needed absolutely nothing and hopefully I will be finished with all the work by spring.
  9. Clean convertible 240Z

    Any time I see a 240z cut up like that, it hurts my sinus.
  10. I have seen the red car photos before. I am not sure about a vinyl top on a 240z but I think it looks good on the red car (ignoring the long term rust issues they may cause). But the white one, Im not so sure. It looks to me as if the top is completely different on the red one verses the white car. On the red car, the lower part of the top appears to start lower at the rear quarter windows which accents the lines on the rear fenders. On the white one, the vinyl starts a little higher up so it doesn't follow the same lines as the car. I cant imagine there being two styles of tops from Datsun?
  11. Rear Diff Leak

    Thanks everyone for the help.
  12. Nice Guy, Nice Car (240dkw)

    Only about 175 left on the road? Is that accurate?
  13. Rear Diff Leak

    Hi The diff in my '71 has developed a nice little leak I believe around the diff cover. I thought this would be an easy repair job. But with the mustache bar and cross member covering the cover, it looks like minor surgery to replace the gasket. I have three questions: 1 - Do I need to remove the mustache bar in order to remove the rear diff cover? 2 - Do I need to drop the entire diff 3 - Is this as big of a PITA as it looks???? Thanks in advance. Gary
  14. Anybody seen this one yet

    Factory cars are where the value is. Not highly modified. I couldn't imagine spending that kind of money on a heavily modified car.
  15. Build date help

    I knew there were obvious changes in the sheet metal such as the '70 rear deck lid vent and the 280z vented hood. I assumed there were rear quarter panel changes to accommodate the bumper changes but what is the rear deck slope? Sorry for the ignorance. I have never owned a 280z before.