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  1. Rally Suspension

    Yeah... TORCO IS JUST THE LAST PART OF nissanmoTORCO.LTD... hihi...
  2. Engine Identification

    Welkom Phentree, why should it be a E31? There were early cars with an E88 head.. for all i know..
  3. 280zx 1979 2+2 slick roof restauration

    Today i got almost 400 pictures (!!) of the 280zx body, doors, hood, front wings, hatch... and so on .. sanded to the metall, and already the lower parts in bodyshoot.. (anti stonechip..) ! These were made in the past 1-2 year.. by my painter. (and welder.. because he liked to do it himself not that i can't weld..) There were just a few spots that needed some welding on this car. Most work was around the front window, some *&%$#^%... had put in a new front window glass without preparing it in a good way!.. Those edges were very rusty!! But it's all taken care of.. (sorry pic's are on an other laptop.. you see some later..)
  4. 280zx 1979 2+2 slick roof restauration

    My car has 119000km on the clock (only 74000 Mls!) and the bushings are reasonable.. But i will put new ones in in the near future.. With my 240z i used all Original nissan rubber.. never used those hard poly bushings.. i don't want those! Much to stiff.. I've seen a poly bushing go very wrong in a 300zx suspension! The suspension had suffered a crack.. I don't race these cars on a track so to me a comfy ride is what i prefer..
  5. 280zx 1979 2+2 slick roof restauration

    Finally.... after month's of other work my painter is going to work on my 280zx !! I'm realy curious how it's gona get.. i'll keep you all informed, hope to make some pic's soon!
  6. OCautocarpets.com

    I ordered and received the new carpet few month's ago and it looks good.. we will see if it fits in a month.. or 2... It feels and looks like the Original stuff, so that's good! It's just a pitty that there is no new rectangular piece of carpet for the trunkcover! Now i have no new carpet there...
  7. New to me 1982 280ZX

    A very nice NON-T-bar car! and happy to hear (finally!!) that you also, like me, like the 2+2 version for it's shape! Also the bigger trunk.. ME LIKE !! hihi.... I'm restoring a 280zx 1979, an euro first edition with the partial metal bumpers (stainless steel.) .. It's getting his all new coat of paint (from metall up) at the moment! It is going to be blue. My interior is almost the same like yours.. Have fun with it! Mart
  8. Intake/Exhaust Manifold Gasket

    I also used that E4610 if i remember correctly.. (in 2007... it's still in there today.. doing what it's supposed to do haha..) My car was running with just the one problem that all seals were bad.. so i bought a complete set for the L24 from Nissan.
  9. Every Z owners fantasy.....a working Clock

    4194.5 KHz... or 4.1945 Mhz i think.. is the frequency of that cristal... I've got me a old 240z clock with new 1,5 volt clock inside an old housing.. looks old but has new mechanics/electrics inside.. I'm still looking for a 1979 280zx WORKING clock...
  10. 71 240z - Worth 4K

    Hihihi.. Jeff, if i did that, my bed has to be 50 feet high haha... But yeah, it's great if you have a problem with the ... or one of .. your cars to just pull the right part of a chelf.. (My cars are daily drivers..)
  11. Intake/Exhaust Manifold Gasket

    When my 240z was 37.. i only used a nissan gasket.. no sealers.. Personally i would not recomend any sealer there.. it gets very hot.. an extra resurfaced in/outlet side is recommended. But as zedhead says, a good gasket is important.. there are more threads with this question.. what's the best gasket? Mart
  12. My 240z, HLS30-26074 from 2 '71, has also bolts Original in the top row.. Thread seems to be Metric on both sides.. Latch them into each other, if the threads fit perfect, they are on both sides Metric! (M8x1,25 ?)
  13. More cars have 2 turn sign. flashers, it has to do with the wattage.. the power of, and the number of bulbs.. 1 flasher is for directions, mostly 3 bulbs.. for hazard it's 6 bulbs, this flasher unit has to handle twice the power..
  14. Can you identify these wheels?

    Herzlich wilkommen Uli ! Haha.. jeah .... can speak the language and a bit of writing it also.. I live in the south of the Netherlands (2-3 km from the german border..) and drive a early 1971 240z now for the 18th ! year!! Also a RED one! ;-) Mart
  15. LMAO.. Haha.. it. can't... And Jeff, replace all seals.. otherwise you will be down there again in no time.. also it would be nice to see some pic's