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  1. Underside protection

    This one has never seen winter in now 25 !! years, from a ceo of Nissan Netherlands! with complete history, it drove 83300km and is totally Original. (without any scratch or dent of course..)
  2. Underside protection

    Haha.... yeah, don't drive it in the winter.. i've got a "as new" 300zx twin turbo 1992 Original dutch version.. for the summer and my 240z is the other car that draws the short straw!! But i must say after 17 ! years of winter driving the underside shows only a little bit of surface rust.. our winters are not that heavy.. for the last years we did'nt have much salt on the roads.. For my 280zx restoration i plan a mix of transparent undercoating ( viscous oil) mixed with WD40. Most important is that you keep it sticky! If it dry's you get cracks in the coating were wather and salt gets in and destroys the metal.. Mart.
  3. Underside protection

    I spray my car with wd40 every 2 year.. the old layer of undercoating gets soft and is very sticky! I had a 280zx with every 2 years a new undercoat.. after 10 year i bought that car (my first one) and there was a big layer of undercoat, when the car was 20 years old a mechanic told me he could put a screwdriver through the bottom at 12 positions.. what i'm saying is: use one thin layer of undercoat and keep it "wet" with some wd40, works for me here in the wet and salty dutch winters! So... get off the loose parts and spray some wd40 on a part and let it get soft i a few days if it works do the whole underside. (maybe experiment with a mix of wd40 and paintthinner to get the Original coating soft again.) i would never put a plastic like bedliner on a car because if you see rust then ... it will be to late. and a car rots behind a thick coat of undercoat or bedliner..
  4. Leaking transmission 5spd

    It's a common leak.. like the oilsensor it has a plastic part inside that leakes after 35+ years.. a new one was Always my solusion..
  5. Cool Exhaust Sound Options please

    My problem with these exhaust pipes is the quality... they are to me... "Italian made JUNK" sorry.. but i think they are rustbuckets in no-time.. does someone have other experiences with them? Mart. @wil84911
  6. Cool Exhaust Sound Options please

    Hi, .. you mean these exhaust parts from ANSA... this is new old stock.. @wil84911
  7. What would you pay

    That car would do about 4-5000 euro over here.. in auto.. with 5 speed it would be a 7-8000 euro car in good, fair condition.. A euro version could bring a bit more as they are very rare.. 79 was over here the first year for a 280zx. As sayd.. prices are going up in the near future.. 240z's that are 2000 dollar in de States are over here sold (Complete wrecks!!!) for 10000 euro's ! crazy.. (see www.speurders.nl type: 240z or Datsun ) OH.. there is were my old datsun is gone hahaha... i here you say..
  8. Datsun 280zx won’t start

    Hello Jimmy, That buzzer IS that annoying! It go's normally when you have lights on contact off and door open, closed door (or when you puss the contact in door opening. should shut up the buzzer.. The engine sound like it wants to start on the shoke injector only... maybe your timing is off or the ECCS (No ecu in a 280zx) is defect.. A good use is to clean all the ground contacts anyway!!! could be the problem! good luck! Mart.
  9. Hitachi HMB 46w carb tuning

    Mark...... HMB IS the flattop... HMB46W is the flattop. HJG46W is the roundtop.. I hear over and over those flattops are boatanchors , get yourself a set from ztherapy. (Roundtops are much easyer to adjust..) i wonder is there no service set for those boatanchors haha??
  10. Balance tube

    These are now for NCV.. ? (Meaning NO crankcase Ventilation)
  11. OCautocarpets.com

    Thanks Jim.. good explanation! Has anyone ordered or experience with ocautocarpets.com ? Do they make something that is a really good fit?
  12. OCautocarpets.com

    Hi Guys, Just a question, I can order a new carpet for my 280zx 2+2 at www.ocautocarpets.com is this a good vendor? can i trust that i get a good carpet? Has anyone bought one there? Is it any good? Thanks. BTW... what does Cutpile mean?
  13. Stock 280z in Oklahoma

    Still 4 speeds in 1975? We had in europe 5 speed standard in 240z's.... Over here only some little Datsuns had 4 speeds... ;-) Later on the cherry's and sunny's even got 5 speed gearboxes
  14. Zinc plating: Do plastic parts survive?

    Plastic survives but for example a lock plate of the 280zx, that plastic bushing in it gets loose, with some new glue its reparable! 20160408_133505.mp4
  15. WTB your 240z steering wheel with non-repairable 'wood'

    I destroyed a good wheel ten years ago.. The "wood" comes of in a vise, by clamping and a wood chisel comes in handy. The woody stuff is a mix of sawdust and polyester. Beware it can have very sharp edges! I've got a spare wheel.. original to my car.. ;-)