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  1. Stock 280z in Oklahoma

    Still 4 speeds in 1975? We had in europe 5 speed standard in 240z's.... Over here only some little Datsuns had 4 speeds... ;-) Later on the cherry's and sunny's even got 5 speed gearboxes
  2. Zinc plating: Do plastic parts survive?

    Plastic survives but for example a lock plate of the 280zx, that plastic bushing in it gets loose, with some new glue its reparable! 20160408_133505.mp4
  3. WTB your 240z steering wheel with non-repairable 'wood'

    I destroyed a good wheel ten years ago.. The "wood" comes of in a vise, by clamping and a wood chisel comes in handy. The woody stuff is a mix of sawdust and polyester. Beware it can have very sharp edges! I've got a spare wheel.. original to my car.. ;-)
  4. WTB your 240z steering wheel with non-repairable 'wood'

    Hello Z dreams, something like in my car? The inner metal of the steering wheel is about 6,35 mm (1/4 inch!) thick. I took 6 pieces of mahogany on the front with a 1/4 inch groove in it and 6 pieces on the back (massiv). Made them with a hand milling machine. And the fingergroove with a powerfile.. It was about 30 hours of work haha.. This wheel is glued on with 2 comp. glue and between the wood waterproof wood glue.. I think the result for a electronics guy is very good.. I'm using it now for 10 years and i'm realy happy with it! (With my big hands and no power steering it's fantastic.) (It has 7 or 8 layers of lacquer .... About the gearknob, I've got one made on a wood lathe.. neede also a lot of coats of lacquer..
  5. Testing images

    When i click it, it's standing in the middle of (a black) screen and size is still the same... oh i hate that!...
  6. i can see again!!!

    Complains...hihi...could you guys put an F to those 101 degrees... for us that's literally boiling hot! Hihi (Over here in Europe it's Celsius.. who swings the scepter.) Everybody... keep in mind that the whole world is looking... Reminds me of someone who ordered a boat in meters and got it sheap...in foot!!
  7. Rear wheel hop above 35mph

    Sounds like worn shocks to me.. get some new rear shocks, also after ten year those tires have flat spots.. new or good used tires is something i would recommend also.. Normally half shafts are not in need of balancing as far i know.. They should be NO play in them.. check them thoroughly. About the fuel, install a new fuelfilter, you can see through .. then you can see if there is some crud in the tank. Also revise your braking systems would be a good thing...
  8. My Datsun 280Z "Rustoration"

    A s30 in good condition can be lifted on all 4 corners where you normally put your Jack.. Cars where the middle reinforcement are rusted away, will fail.. but you did a good job so it should be lifted there.. I know mine will not fail, i reconstructed those jack up spots thoroughly. Again... those beams under your 1 mm. floor are also just 1 mm and dent easy.. On the later 280z i've never seen them close up but they appear to be sturdier. Anyone who would like to buy a z car i advice to but a jack under the 4 corners, (one at the time) if the owner don't want to cooperate.. step away!! Bad restorations will fail! With MOT or as it is called over here APK, i prefer them to lift it at the front axle (middle of it) or rear axle (under the differential gear carrier.. (as it is mentioned in the service manual.
  9. Need early steel wheels date-stamped 70

    Thank you! Good info!
  10. My Datsun 280Z "Rustoration"

    Hello Hazmatt, If some "pro" would have put my newly restored Z in that way on a lift i would be furious.... This is the wrong way.. don't you think to? Last month a mechanic almost did this with my 300zx Twinturbo, i was just in time to "Kick his ****" never do that with one of my cars you'll dent the 1millimeter thin sheetmetal!!! A 300zx is so much heavy-er .. it will damage the construction for sure. I've seen many 280zx's.. with big nasty dents in them..
  11. Need early steel wheels date-stamped 70

    Can someone put some pictures here from the different steel wheels original for the 240z early and later? I've never seen them.. (not a really good look) I understand there were small and a bit wider ones..
  12. Trans ID help

    The lower one looks like my FS5C71B, this is a early 5 speed euro version .. mine came out of an '73 original dutch (euro) 240z.
  13. P79 Head Stuck to Block, Please Help!

    Lobes UP... but really... let the rest of the work to a technician who knows what to do..
  14. Not run more 80mph 240z

    Last year my car (1971 240z) drove 210km/hr thats 130 mph! in Germany on the "autobahn" . It's completely stock, but to small tires on so the real speed will be round 120 mph. (An audi driver wondered how long i could keep up! Bart (bart scooterservice (also on this forum) was in the passenger seat) We got over here in europe the standard 5 speed gearbox ! makes a difference! (FS5C71B) and different Diff..
  15. P79 Head Stuck to Block, Please Help!

    Please... disconnect your battery (neg. first!!) when you get busy with repairs.. What would happen when you reconnect your timing, install the sparkplugs and turn the engine with a spanner.. maybe put some headbolts loosly in there for safety? just a thought.... put some oil in cil . 1 and 6. and your head will come off... hihihi.... (I've never done that, maybe someone can say if this a good way? can those pistons and stuff hold that kind of abuse?) It looks like there is no headgasket.. very flat one..