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  1. Corporate Office 440 East Arrow Highway San Dimas, CA 91773 Phone: (909) 599-5955 Fax: (909) 599-6424 Californian "high tech.."
  2. Me neither. much to much for my daily (winter) driver.. i have saved them for future use or good sale when i'm a pensioner
  3. Sad ending for Cameron in his rac up Mt Washington... https://www.autogids.be/autonieuws/video/triest-lot-voor-een-datsun-240z.html
  4. I've got 4 (different?) front bumpers in straight condition but need re chrome. ( possible one or 2 have very little dent..) (Also the 4 rear's are present.. ) i know that 1 set is from '74 euro version 260z.. offers will be considered. (chrome is not rusty just faded, good for daily drivers.) As you are in de U.S. i don't think you want one ...
  5. For comparison purposes only here some Nos original NISSAN/Datsun rear lights.. for these i've seen prices ... 2850 dollar... These are brand new bought by me in the '90's..
  6. I've got a new set..but under a 1000 euro not selling.. new old stock.. over here (Netherlands) these are rarer then hens teeth.. And the same for the other parts on the pictures.
  7. i was talking about the front windscreen.. the side glass (door) probably will fit .. not 100% sure.. take em anyway and when they don't fit there is always someone here who will trade for the older ones if youre a bit lucky.
  8. Yes..... but watch the corners, they delaminate easy.. air between the layers look not good.. success !!
  9. Hi, First, your gauge lights are normally going with your headlights.. The fan is a later modification? if so.. it feeds from the radio fuse/wiring?? not good put that on a new fuse direct to the fan. 10A should be enough. The radio wire you have to find out yourself.. should not be to difficult.. starting from the radio's red wire.. at it's back...
  10. I'm restoring a 280zx, maybe m√°ybe... you can see something on the pictures that i took from this 280zx 1979 engine.. before restore.. last 2 pics are from a new engine 280zx with egr
  11. broken or soft springs in your main plate of the gearbox? In the main plate are bolts, if you get them out there are springs with steelballs behind them, when those springs are to soft the box gets out of gear.. i ones used a sidecutting pliers to widen the spring and that worked! Just make it a bit longer. Catch the parts when unscrewing those bolts! Main plate... i mean the thick steel part in the middle of the gearbox.. sorry for bad english..
  12. Hahaha... It where the '80's....90's... Btw. my 240z has a v-reg outside the gen. standard...still working pretty good! Hella made some V.reg. for Datsuns.. google!.
  13. Back in the day when i repaired lots of electronics.. If "solid state" stood on the radio or whatever... i put it in the round archive as quickly as possible HAHA... (round archive is what you would call the trash can.. )
  14. check connections and ground in your distributor..
  15. Left lobe...