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  1. 81 - 83 5 speed shift lever

    Of course, that's why I posted in you query. PM ed
  2. 81 - 83 5 speed shift lever

    I have one Don, I used a 4 speed shifter in my car's swapped zx trans. New bushings as well.
  3. 1970 240Z on eBay with Low VIN?

    Looks something like this.
  4. 1970 240Z on eBay with Low VIN?

    The cable hooks to a small metal tab at the very top of the throttle pedal assy. It is a flexible cable not a ridged one like the chokes. They were supposed to be removed at the point on entry (dock yard) or at the dealership "pre" sale. Perhaps the dealer just cut or removed the cable.
  5. Need Front Windshield Dimensions

    Hardway, I have a stock Nissan windshield out of a parts car. It has a sizable rock chip in it. I took some straight measurements across the arc at the top and bottom, and one up the middle. Each has a wide angle so you can compare in the same location, and a close up of the measurement. I hope that helps you out. middle 21 3/4" Bottom 55 3/4" Top 48"
  6. Help: U-joint replacement 71 240z

    I just used O Reilly's for the tool loaner program, I am getting Neapco U joints from a Driveline shop in Chehalis. They are called "The U Joint" Neapco has been around since the 30's like Spicer and make U joints for a lot of farm equipment. (heavy duty) They look just like a spicer and are US made. Greasable too! Seeing I am not running more than stock HP I think they will work just fine. Better than the "premium" ones you get at O R.
  7. Help: U-joint replacement 71 240z

    We are sitting the same boat and didn't even know it. I am replacing all 4 U joints in my half shafts, I was able to get two done yesterday as the shop had to order in the other two U joints. They should be in this morning. I found that O Reiliy's loans out the Ball Joint remover that Mike W mentioned in your other post. Basically it is free for 3 days you just leave a big deposit. It worked great for half the job and then I used a large C clamp with the sockets for the reassembly of the other half.
  8. Half-Shaft U-Joint Rebuild

    I have heard the trick is to flip the bushings over and change the pin position. I like the bends you made, I still have the straight ZX shifter too, and a straight 510 shifter along with a 720 shifter. I should be able to make something work. I thought the R200 used clip in half shafts, not the bolt on with the Diff stubs. I could be wrong. The later K diffs had clip in for sure, thats what I am going to use. The half shafts should be the same length except for the VLSD which had different R to L. I have not gotten far on my 5sp swap yet. I keep cleaning and painting all the other parts.
  9. Half-Shaft U-Joint Rebuild

    Don, tell me about the shifter in the background.
  10. [SOLD] 240z 2400 valve cover

    Shipping to me in WA says $67.50 @JLPurcell just curious as to why you listed the condition as "remanufactured"
  11. Looking for front fenders

    I agree with Site, I check the part numbers up on a factory site like Courtesy or Nissanparts.cc and see if it is available. I then go to my local Nissan dealer and order it. Usually sales tax is less than the shipping charge from Texas (Courtesy), at least for me in WA. Nissan still has a lot of parts available, you just have to check before buying an overpriced part on Ebay. I made a deal with my local Nissan dealer so he sells me parts at the internet rate, instead of the retail they usually sell at. Worth asking for IMO. A trans pilot bushing they quoted $15+ MSRP for, I bought for $3.77 with the internet price. Just saying they jack up the price for the unsuspecting.
  12. 71 in central oregon

    Salvage title??
  13. FS: Restored Inspection Light

    Mine are all from 240's, and all have closed holes. I searched for 510 lights and they have the open side.
  14. [SOLD] NOS Choke Cable

    There have been a few different handles, The 74 260Z is a one off.
  15. 1971 Datsun 240Z -- 82,567 Miles

    Estate sales are usually like a fancy garage sale run by an outside company (afternoonestatesales.com). This one looks like it goes 3 days, no pre advertised pricing that I could find. You could contact them and see if they will tell you the price. OR Just show up in TX with a big wad of cash, and take it home. Nice looking Honda 90 too.