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  1. I guess I will find out down the road. Ha, they don't use medical vans, they just cut you up in the garage.
  2. Looks like the image has been used a few times.
  3. There is another posting up from about the same time, calling this ad out as a scam. https://bellingham.craigslist.org/cto/6100054621.html While a lot of these ads do turn out to be scams, I have come away with free or very inexpensive deals on cars.
  4. I know right, Nice cars and a huge garage. After I called he texted back and said the car was "sold" Who knows !??!!
  5. When I ran across this ad it had been up for 18 hours. The car was probably gone 17.5 hours ago. I still tried, anyone here grab it up?
  6. I looked up the Roadster wheel and see the tabs you spoke of, I don't think it is one of those. The only other Datsun I have had was a 510, those had 13" Thanks for the info and luck.
  7. You know Gav I am not sure where this came from. The earliest car I had was a 3/70 but it was just a shell really and did not come with any wheels. Next was a 6/70 that might be the one this came from. A rusty thing that this may have been in the spare hole. All the other cars were later 72, 73, and 74. I hade 5 stock rims with tires that I used to roll cars with flat mags around. Someone wanted 4 of them so I dismounted them all and found one was a 41/2 rim. I took a closer look and saw the date. While it is perry rusty and somewhat pitted. I thought one of the early restorers might clean it up some and use it as the spare in their cars. (??IDK??) I'm open to offers, I'd hate to just scrap it.
  8. In the hoard, I found I have a 12-69 rim. It has some rust, as shown in the pics. It is an early rim, so Is it worth $60 shipped?
  9. Don, This is the one I used, currently for me it indicates I am missing a plug in, and no longer works for me. Perhaps you have said plug in and can utilize it. http://www.webring.org/l/rd?ring=zcars;id=157;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwebspace.webring.com%2Fpeople%2Fcz%2Fz_design_studio%2F It almost looks like the site might be completely NLA to me, but try at least. I looked for other trans calc. sites and really never found any as good as this one. At leased for me. This thread is enticing the voices to just dive into my swap now. I have a blown water hose and need to drain the coolant to fix it anyway, why not pull the motor and trans now for clean up and T swap. I was thinking the same for mine, ZX outer, inner and a new fork boot.
  10. http://www.specclutches.com/706234/
  11. It is the Exedy clutch and a SPEC flywheel.
  12. I haven't started yet. I picked up the trans locally about 8 months ago, and had been gathering parts for it. I then found the R180 3:70 K style and had that shipped in. I swapped out the stubs in it so it installed like the stock 240's 3:36 instead of the clip in stubs. I found the flywheel and a clutch kit next. Then ordered all new seals, gaskets, the speedo drive, the rubber bits, bushings and new oil. The only thing I was missing was a shifter as I spoke of earlier. Having located two now I plan on doing the swap in the near future. As for the driveline I understand the difference from an "A" trans to a "B" trans is only a 1/6 of an inch in length. Therefor I expect the stock driveline will work just fine. I had new U joints put in when I got the car and was changing out the bushings in the rear. I also put in a 3:54 rear end at that time, as the PO had installed a 4:11 set. Too tall for me. Looks like it might be you telling me of the idiosyncrasies of the job. Do post about it!!
  13. Oh that is central Puget Sound salt water patina for sure. Very distinctive, you won't find anything with this rich of color around Portland. Too much fresh water down there. Astoria maybe......The blend of fresh and salt waters.
  14. That piece came from the early 260 I found on Vashon Island. Surrounded by salt water and buried in the bushes. It takes years to establish a fine patina like that. The part is in the mail.
  15. Out of the 8 of these that I have, this one is in the worst condition. The switch seems okay. Yours if you want it Jim. Shipping would be about $8